Gametitle-TORNThe following is based on TORN and is not part of the Fallout franchise.
Thorn traits
This page lists all traits in TORN, a canceled fantasy RPG which was to use the SPECIAL character system.
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Traits consist of both innate characteristics and "earned" characteristics, and generally provide some sort of bonus, penalty, special ability, or a combination thereof.

Innate Traits - those that a character begins the game with - always have both positive and negative effects. In comparison, earned Traits - those that a character acquires during gameplay as a result of his or her actions and in-game events - may be beneficial, detrimental, both, or neither.

During character creation the player is free to choose one, two or no innate Traits to better define his or her character.

List of known traitsEdit

The following TORN Traits were revealed before the game was canceled:

  • Infamous Mercenary