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No, you're here to kidnap me. That's what you people do, isn't it? If you even are people! I've heard all the stories. I know exactly what happens to people when the Institute shows up... Well, it's not happening to me!

T.S. Wallace is a man living in the Commonwealth in 2287. Gifted with an exceptional intellect, Wallace is being observed by the Institute for possible recruitment.


A self-taught engineer and scientist, Wallace has spent years studying whatever pre-War technology he could find, as well as the effects of radiation and chems on human biology. The exceptionally intelligent Wallace somehow came to the attention of the Institute and they began observing him as a possible asset. According to Enrico Thompson of the Advanced Systems division, they even began to surreptitiously provide Wallace with scientific information.

Once it became clear that Wallace would make an excellent addition to the Institute, Dr. Thompson and two synths were dispatched to recruit Wallace. The situation became complicated when members of the Minutemen arrived to prevent Wallace's "abduction" by the Institute after seeing his signal flare. When siding with the Institute in the quest Pinned, the Sole Survivor is tasked with handling the Minutemen and convincing Wallace to join the Institute. If Taking Independence has not been completed, Wallace will instead hire Gunners to protect him.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character is essential. Essential characters cannot be killed.
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This character is involved in quests.

Other interactions

  • Prior to completion of the quest Pinned, he is located inside the Graygarden homestead near Graygarden. However, he is behind an inaccessible door and cannot be interacted with. Talking to him is only possible during the aforementioned quest.
  • After successfully recruiting him for the Institute, he can usually be found working in advanced systems. He offers no further interaction, however.


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Lab coat


T.S. Wallace appears only in Fallout 4.