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For this power armor in the Fallout series, see Power armor.

The T-60 power armor is a piece of power armor in Fallout 76.


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The T-60 series of powered combat infantry armor is an evolution of the T-45 power armor design. Originally an upgraded variant of the T-45, this stop-gap model was extensively modified and effectively reimagined, leading the United States military to reclassify it from an upgrade to a separate power armor model.[1] Entering service after the conclusion of the Battle of Anchorage, mere months before the nuclear apocalypse, the T-60 was rapidly deployed and extensively used by the U.S. Army in all theaters to supplement the more difficult to produce T-51 power armor. Deployments of military units in T-60 power armor included the domestic front, enforcing order in the nation.[2] By the Great War it was considered to be the most advanced model of power armor to see extensive use.[3]

As with other power armor models, the T-60 is designed for a single operator. Compared to the T-45, the T-60 is much more heavily armored, although it lacks the sophisticated armor pattern of the T-51. The end result is an extremely protective armor system, though protection comes at the expense of agility and a reduction in battlefield awareness, as the additional power pack armor plating reduces rear visibility together with the oversized pauldrons. As usual for T-series power armor, the helmet completes the ensemble and includes an air filtration system, a bullet-proof vision slit, an electric lamp, and external ports that allow the operator to listen to his surroundings and double as attachments points for extensions. The standard upgrade is a drop-down ocular.[4]

Any shortcomings of the T-60 were compensated for through deployment: a T-60 power armor unit was usually deployed with support from light infantry units, equipped with energy weapons.[5] After the Great War, T-60 power armor became a rare sight until the reformed Brotherhood of Steel under Elder Arthur Maxson recovered a substantial number of these suits (or T-45 conversion packs) and adopted the T-60 as the service uniform of its soldiers.[6]


The T-60 power armor is intended to be a suit designed for use in heavily irradiated zones, offering top of the line radiation protection that's second only to the X-01. Its ballistic protection lags behind X-01's by less than 10% (and is dwarfed by the unique Ultracite power armor, but that's a special, high-maintenance suit for most purposes), and is outclassed by the X-01 in terms of energy protection (but is comparable to Ultracite, differing by just 9 points).

However, the T-60 offers only a little over 10% more ballistic and energy protection than the T-51, while being more expensive to maintain. As such, the T-51 is the optimal choice for regular usage, even if its radiation protection is less than half that of the T-60.

The base level that T-60 pieces can be used at is 40. This armor set is a great all-around power armor that is very easy to repair, since it only requires aluminum, circuitry, plastic and steel; no screws or springs are required.

Armor partsEdit

Level 40
Image Name DR HP Weight Value Repair Upgrade components Base ID
Icon shield silver Icon electrical Icon radiation
FO76 T-60 helmet T-60 helmet 50 45 50  ??? 11 80  ??? N/A  ???
FO76 T-60 torso T-60 torso 84 79 100  ??? 18 134  ??? N/A  ???
FO76 T-60 arm T-60 left arm 50 45 50  ??? 12 105  ??? N/A  ???
FO76 T-60 arm T-60 right arm 50 45 50  ??? 12 105  ??? N/A  ???
FO76 T-60 leg T-60 left leg 50 45 50  ??? 14 85  ??? N/A  ???
FO76 T-60 leg T-60 right leg 50 45 50  ??? 14 85  ??? N/A  ???
Total* 334 304 350  ??? 81  ???  ??? N/A
Level 50
Image Name DR HP Weight Value Repair Upgrade components Base ID
Icon shield silver Icon electrical Icon radiation
FO76 T-60 helmet T-60 helmet 60 55 60  ??? 11  ??? N/A  ???
FO76 T-60 torso T-60 torso 100 95 115  ??? 18 123  ??? N/A  ???
FO76 T-60 arm T-60 left arm 60 55 60  ??? 12 94  ??? N/A  ???
FO76 T-60 arm T-60 right arm 60 55 60  ??? 12 94  ??? N/A  ???
FO76 T-60 leg T-60 left leg 60 55 60  ??? 14  ??? N/A  ???
FO76 T-60 leg T-60 right leg 60 55 60  ??? 14  ??? N/A  ???
Total* 400 370 415  ??? 81  ???  ??? N/A


Values as of the 1/29/2019 update, no changes in the 2/19/2019 update.

Model Level Req. Name Aluminum Circuitry Plastic Steel
T-60 power armor Level 40 T-60 helmet 6 7 12
T-60 torso 7 6 8 14
T-60 left arm 6 7 12
T-60 right arm 6 7 12
T-60 left leg 6 7 12
T-60 right leg 6 7 12
Total 37 6 43 86
Model Level Req. Name Aluminum Circuitry Plastic Steel
T-60 power armor Level 50 T-60 helmet 7 9 14
T-60 torso 8 7 10 16
T-60 left arm 7 9 14
T-60 right arm 7 9 14
T-60 left leg 7 9 14
T-60 right leg 7 9 14
Total 43 7 55 86


  • Material modifications are available after purchasing the necessary entitlement in the Atomic Shop. All paints require 2 oil, 2 plastic, and 2 steel per element.
  • Any exceptions to this rule are noted in the description field. The list does not include cosmetic transformations, which are covered separately. These include:
Name Appearance Description
Black Rider
Blackbird (carbon coating) Soar across the Wasteland with this sleek Blackbird Paint Set for your Power Armor.
Camouflage Become one with Appalachia with these Camouflage Paints for your Power Armor.
Hot Rod Everything with flames is automatically cooler - just like this Hot Rod Power Armor Station.
Inferno Mark I The Inferno Mark 1/2/3 Power Armor Paint Set.
Inferno Mark II
Inferno Mark III

Hide in the night, and stalk your enemies with the Mothman Power Armor Paints and a Mothman Red Headlamp.

Nukashine Speak easy and carry a big Power Armor! Who knows where you will end up with this blacked out Nukashine paint set.
Outcast Paint ? Feel like you don't belong with these Outcast Paints for your Power Armor.

Nuclear Winter reward.

American Patriot

(removed on April 7, 2019)

Show Appalachia that democracy will never be defeated by sporting this American Patriot Power Armor Paint Set!

For the times you want to unleash your inner child - as a force of destruction! It's Playtime!

Tricentennial A set of Power Armor Paints celebrating 300 years of American freedom!

(removed on April 3, 2019)

Vault-Tec 2
Wasteland Walker Hide in plain sight with these Wasteland Walker Paints for your Power Armor.
West Virginia

(June 18 - 25 2019)

Continue the Mountaineer spirit with this set of West Virginia-themed paints for your Power Armor.

Winter Wanderland Blend in with the ashes of Nuclear Winter with the Winter Wanderland Paints for your Power Armor.
Woodland Warrior Blend into the bush with these Woodland Warrior Paints for your Power Armor. Includes a unique paint for each of the T-45, T-51, T-60 and X-01 Power Armors.

Brotherhood skinsEdit

Furthermore, the player can collect paints for Brotherhood colors from Fallout 4. Each is a aotential quest reward for completing Forbidden Knowledge:


Plans for crafting most mods are available from Vendor bot Phoenix at Watoga Shopping Plaza.




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  2. Fallout 4 loading screen hints: "The T-60 series of Power Armor saw extensive use by the United States Army after the Battle of Anchorage. In fact, soldiers in T-60 Power Armor were among those trying to retain order on October 23, 2077 - the day America fell to atomic war..."
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