Tæles of Chivalrie is a skill magazine in Fallout: New Vegas.


Reading this magazine raises the Courier's Melee Weapons skill by 10 points (20 points with the Comprehension perk) for 60 seconds (180 seconds with Retention). Like Grognak the Barbarian, it is a popular boy's comic book series which featured more outlandish melee feats of knights.


This item can be crafted by the player.

Creation requirements

Icon range
Repair: 25
Picking up a copy of Tæles of Chivalrie after the Voracious Reader perk is chosen.
Icon level
Tæles of Chivalrie (1)

¹ Craftable without a workbench via a dialogue option with Veronica, or with ED-E once the add-on Lonesome Road is installed.


Below is a list of all fixed locations of Tæles of Chivalrie skill magazines in Fallout: New Vegas and its add-ons. For an overview of magazines per location, see the main overview page.

Closest map markerLocation description
Allied Technologies officesOn a bookshelf in the western room
The Basincreek BuildingIn the back room, northwest area, behind a Easy locked door; it is on the bottom shelf of the bookshelf.
Camp GolfHouse Resort, upstairs in first bedroom off of the north stairs (must be stolen)
Mick & Ralph'sOn a table upstairs
Nellis Air Force BaseNellis Boomer museum, on a shelf above Pete's bed (with ¡La Fantoma! and a Patriot's Cookbook)
NCR Correctional FacilityVisitors center, on a shelf
New Vegas SteelOffice area, in a bin beside the desk with the intact terminal
Sierra Madre Casino & Resort Gametitle-FNV DMThe Tampico, by the projector
The TopsMain casino, on a small table on the second level above the restaurants' entrance (must be stolen)
The TopsPresidential suite, on the counter in the kitchen
Villa police station Gametitle-FNV DMIn the basement level, in the first room with the terminal, on top of the crates with the stairway behind them
The Crow's Nest Gametitle-FNV LRIn a wooden box, near the Ralphie poster, together with a Milsurp Review

Behind the scenesEdit

The knight and the dragon featured on the cover are actually photos of figurines produced by Schleich, a German figurine company.

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