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The synth uniform is a piece of clothing in Fallout 4.


The synth uniform is a white outfit worn by synths in the Institute. The uniform adds +1 Perception when worn. Armor pieces can be equipped over this outfit, but it cannot be modified with ballistic weave.


  • Obtainable variants worn by second-generation synths within the Institute; unobtainable variants located on randomly generated 2nd-generation synth enemies in the Commonwealth.
  • Can be found in the inventory of X6-88.
  • Both the synth requisition officer and the synth cafeteria worker wear one.
  • Right before going into Old Robotics, they can be looted from four of the generation 2 synths in the sewers during the Nuclear Option.
  • Coursers have a low chance of spawning with these.
  • Worn by Z4K-97B and A-2018.