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My God, I... I remember. I remember it all. From before. Zimmer. The Commonwealth. The Institute. My God, all those runners I brought down...Harkness, after his memory is restored

The Synth Retention Bureau (S.R.B.) is a branch of the Institute tasked with tracking and capturing escaped synths.


After the Institute began creating advanced synthetic humans ("synths") many developed strong personalities and a desire to escape their life of servitude.[citation needed] With the help of Institute synth sympathizers like Liam Binet, and factions like the Railroad, many synths have escaped the Institute, most of them subsequently having their minds wiped and faces reconstructed, allowing them to live lives as normal humans.[citation needed]

As a result of the synth escapes, the Institute founded the Synth Retention Bureau, or S.R.B., a branch of the Institute dedicated solely to the recovery and rehabilitation of escaped synths. The Institute scientists developed synths called coursers, designed to track down and reclaim escaped synths.[citation needed] Inside the Institute, the Sole Survivor learns of the tension between the S.R.B and the other divisions (especially Advanced Systems) and that a scientist named William Moseley was employed as a bridge between the two divisions.[citation needed]

Known members

SRB members
Dr. Zimmer Justin Ayo Alana Secord
Field agents
Conrad Kellogg Art M7-62 (Mayor McDonough)
Roger Warwick Sammy Sole Survivor (optional)
S3-47 (Armitage) A3-21 (Harkness) (formerly) Chase (formerly)
X4-18 X6-88 X9-27
Z2-47 B8-88 C8-65
F5-93 G6-43 H7-44
J1-74 J8-28 K0-84
K2-90 K6-70 L7-92
M9-11 P1-77 Q2-87
R6-01 R7-81 T3-54
W4-40 X1-02 X1-91
X2-36 X2-71 X3-24
X3-28 X3-37 X3-51
X5-76 X6-57 X7-55
AJ Cricket Doc Weathers
Henry Cooke Lucas Miller Marowski
Tommy Lonegan Trashcan Carla


Zimmer mentions that Harkness used to work for a "special branch of the Commonwealth Police."[1]


The Synth Retention Bureau appears in Fallout 3 and Fallout 4.



  1. Lone Wanderer: "I've found your android. It's Harkness, Rivet City's security chief!"
    Zimmer: "Harkness, you say? Yes... Yes, that makes sense. He used to work for a special branch of the Commonwealth Police, after all."
    (Zimmer's dialogue)