F76 Sympto-Matic

The Sympto-Matic

The Sympto-Matic is a piece of pre-War medical technology, a device capable of various medical procedures, diagnoses, and other feats few medical practitioners could pull off without incredible skill.


Created by Med-Tek,[1] the device was utilized in places like Harpers Ferry and the AVR Medical Center. The device has dozens of capabilities at its disposal, such as:[2][3][4]

  • Taking blood & urine samples
  • Measuring body temperature
  • Measuring blood pressure
  • Rectal probing
  • Fully diagnose a patient's ailments
  • Applying lacerations
  • Treating broken bones
  • Issue prescriptions
  • Administering vaccines and cures for various diseases

The device was able to handle a variety of diseases and injuries and, with the assistance of fusion batteries, could sustain power outages and shortages, yet start up and operate without issue.

While initially feared to be capable of taking jobs from medical professionals, as well as having issues with its programming when treating patients, it soon became an asset to doctors across Appalachia, and was recommended to begin roll-out of the device immediately, only cut short by the Great War.[5]



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