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For the consumable item in Fallout 4, see sweet roll.

The sweetroll, or sweet roll, is a unique food item in Fallout 3.


Given to the 10-year old Lone Wanderer by Old Lady Palmer during Growing Up Fast.

Related questsEdit

  • Growing Up Fast - After receiving the sweetroll, Andy eviscerates the cake with his circular saw and Butch accosts the Wanderer demanding he/she gives up the sweet roll.

A variety of options are given for response: a simple dismissal, an attempt to share, a spiteful spit on the roll before giving it up, to a vicious verbal jab at his mother's drinking habits. Most responses will provoke Butch to get up and begin throwing punches at the Lone Wanderer, which prompts Officer Gomez to intervene.


  • The Lone Wanderer can eat the sweetroll before Butch has a chance of asking for it, which will then activate a different scenario: Butch then says that the Wanderer will "get it later".
  • The Wanderer can also drop the sweetroll on the ground before Butch's confrontation, prompting a speech option about "throwing the sweetroll away".
  • Planting the sweetroll on Butch will result in the above two options appearing.
  • The item will disappear from the inventory when they complete the quest.
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Behind the scenesEdit

The "Sweetroll Scenario" is a running gag and scenario often postulated in character generation sequences in Bethesda-made games. Fallout 3 is the first time that the scenario is actually acted out instead of simply postulated.