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For the weapon sold here, see Swatter.

Swatters. Own a piece of Diamond City history, and then beat people to death with it.Travis Miles, Diamond City Radio

Swatters is a location in the Diamond City market in 2287, run by Moe Cronin.


Swatters is a store specializing in baseball equipment, a highly appropriate business in a city built in the ruins of Fenway Park.[1][Non-canon 1] To the back is the entrance to Moe's home.

Related quests


  • Equipment-wise, "swatter" is a term for a custom-made baseball bat.
  • Outside the shop is a "most wanted poster" from which the Sole Survivor can then be given a quest to kill the marked enemy.


Swatters appears only in Fallout 4.



  1. The Sole Survivor: "What makes you the expert, anyway?"
    Moe Cronin: "I'm a native-born son of Diamond City, that's why. Baseball is in my blood. Now are you going to answer my question, or what?"
    (Moe Cronin's dialogue)
Non-canon sources
  1. Fallout: The Roleplaying Game Rulebook p. 292: "Diamond City’s baseball theming is somewhat of a point of city pride. For that reason, a shop such as this is an inevitability. The store specializes in selling baseball memorabilia and equipment, including gloves, bats, and clothing for Fenway Park’s home team. Atop the store itself is an oversized baseball bat with the word “SWATTERS” emblazoned on it."