Stop the mirelurk swarm.

Event: Swarm of Suitors is an event quest in Fallout 76.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Event quest: Swarm of Suitors
Reach the island across from the Pioneer Scout camp.
Defeat the first wave of mirelurks and its leader.
Defeat the second wave of mirelurks and its leader.
Defeat the third wave of mirelurks and its leader.
(Conditional) Kill the queen summoned if the mirelurks reach the island.
Reward: 5x Mirelurk eggs, random chance of legendary armor

Detailed walkthroughEdit

At least one player character needs to get to the island off the coast of Pioneer Scout camp to begin the main part of the event. Three waves of mirelurks will attack, each with a leader at a higher level than the rest. If, at any point, the mirelurks reach the island, a mirelurk queen will be summoned, and must be defeated in order to complete the quest. Once all the mirelurks are dead, the event will finish with conditional rewards, including five mirelurk eggs and a chance for other items.

Quest stagesEdit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? At least one player get to the islandA horde of mirelurks are heading toward Grafton lake. I need to stop them before they mate with the queen.
? Kill Mirelurk LeaderIcon sic before it reaches the spawning grounds.
? Stop the horde from reaching the spawning grounds.
? Kill the last Mirelurk leader before it reaches the spawning grounds
? Stop the last horde of mirelurks from reaching the island.
? (Conditionally) Kill the Mirelurk QueenI wasn't able to stop all the mirelurks from getting to the lake. The mirelurk queen has arrived and I have to kill her now.
?Icon check(Quest completed)I wiped out the mirelurk horde before it could reach the lake and get to the queen.
?Icon checkI've killed the mirelurk queen and ended the mirelurk threat.
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