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Swan's Pond is a location in the Commonwealth, near Boston Common in 2287.


The area consists of a small pond with irradiated water, a small open shack to the west with a swan boat just south of it in the water, and a pavilion to the north. The shack is accessible only through the radiated water. A steamer trunk can be found which contains a leveled weapon, some ammo, and some other items. Due to a number of toxic waste barrels in it, radiation when standing inside or near the house is deadly in short amounts of time. The pavilion has lower levels of radiation.

A unique super mutant behemoth named Swan lives in the pond. If the Sole Survivor or their companion wanders too close to the white swan in the middle of the pond, Swan will emerge from the lake. Damaging the white swan will also trigger the fight.

West of the pond is a fountain with a protectron in its pod that can be activated by a nearby red button for as part of the Freedom Trail quest Road to Freedom. Just west of this is a "Boston Freedom Trail" plaque in the ground with the letters "A7" in red paint on it and the words "At Journey's End follow Freedom's Lantern" in blue paint on a piece of wood rested against the fountain.

To the northwest of the pond area, the back wall of the subway entrance leading down to Vault 114 where the Unlikely Valentine quest takes place.

Notable loot

  • Legendary furious power fist - On Swan's body.
  • Groundskeeper's log - On one of Swan's boat seats.
  • Swan's note - On the mattress in the groundskeeper's shack.
  • Four experiment log J-32 pages (days 1, 6, 14, and 21) found in the groundskeeper's shack (two on a wooden crate, one on a concrete block, one in the back of the shack).
  • Grognak the Barbarian issue #6 - On the ground in the gazebo at the center of the commons next to a skeleton and (severe) radiation barrels.
  • A torn letter - On Mikail's body, directly in front of the fast travel point for the Boston Commons.
  • A torn note - On Kath's body, a dead female found by the pond opposite the groundskeeper's shack, leaning against a tree.
  • A fugitives' holotape - In the hands of a skeleton near the statue directly southwest of the groundskeeper's shack.
  • A raider's advice paper note - Northeast of Swan's Pond, sitting atop a heavily irradiated barrel in the gazebo.

Related quests


  • If the player character eludes Swan during combat and returns to a hidden state, Swan will go back to the pond and regenerate all of his health.
  • After Swan is killed it appears the pond gathers more dirt and mud.
  • A model of the boat found in the pond can be seen in Mortimer's room in Sandy Coves Convalescent Home.
  • Magnolia alludes to skinny dipping in the pond in her song Good Neighbor.
  • Codsworth will comment fondly on the park surrounding Swan's Pond, reminiscing about its existence in times before the bombs fell. This suggests that at least he and likely the rest of the Sole Survivor's family had visited the park in the past.
  • When fighting raiders outside Combat Zone, they will run away if they are critically wounded and yell, "I'll let the Swan deal with you," or "Stay back! Let Swan deal with him/her."


Swan's Pond appears only in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenes

Swan's Pond is based on the real world location of the Boston Public Garden, which features a four acre shallow pond, home to one or more swans during the spring and summer months. A popular tourist attraction are the Swan Boats, a fleet of six boats that have been a cultural icon for the city of Boston since 1877.