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Swan, born Edgar Swann, is a unique super mutant behemoth residing in the Commonwealth in Fallout 4.


Before the Great War, Edgar Swann was a low-level worker employed at the Commonwealth Institute of Technology who found himself on the wrong end of the law after stealing cigarettes. Initially believing his trial worked out in his favor, as he was offered "probation" in the form of living in isolation for a month while being provided with food, water, and shelter and only required to write in a journal, unbeknownst to Swann, he had actually been infected with an experimental strain of the Forced Evolutionary Virus and his probation was a ruse for researchers to observe its effects on a human.[1]

By the sixth day of probation, Swann realized something was wrong when the scientists returned for additional tests. He chronicled in his journal that his body ached and he felt jittery and agitated. His mind was racing and he felt as if he could hardly write. He knew the scientists had done something to him, but he was not aware of what it was.[2]

Two weeks into the experiment, Swann's FEV-born condition stabilized and improved by all accounts, noting a threefold increase in muscle mass and a major increase in intellectual capacity. Swann was finally told that it was FEV that was causing his condition but he was enthusiastic about it, even applying for membership to the research team and anticipating assisting in his own experiment.[3]

However, by the third week of the experiment, Swann realized that his mental faculties were backsliding. He experienced seizures and was returned to the observation lab. His remaining mental acuity helped Swann realize that his prognosis was poor; the viral strain he was infected with was fundamentally unstable. From then on, his health rapidly deteriorated and he knew that the seizures were only the beginning of the side effects he would endure. He anxiously waited to discover his own fate, worrying the scientists would reject him as they had done for so many others.[4]

Swann's fears of being exiled from the lab and left to suffer were eventually realized, as he was dumped out into the Commonwealth to die. Wandering aimlessly, the degenerating Swann found his way to Boston Common, an abandoned park in the downtown ruins, where he made his home in the groundskeeper shack, including keeping his written journal. Sometime later, Edgar Swann finally lost his mind to his mutation and fully transformed into a super mutant, and by 2287, had mutated further into a behemoth that could only shout his last name and decorated himself in destroyed fragments of the old swan-themed paddleboats as improvised armor.[5][6][7]

The pond where Swan presently resides came to be considered extremely dangerous and a place that wastelanders avoid at all costs. Makeshift signs warn of Swan's presence as one approaches Boston Common and the bodies of victims who did not heed the warnings are left strewn around the area.[8][9][10][11]

Daily schedule[]

Around 1:00 a.m. to approximately 5:30 a.m., Swan roams around the edge of the pond. At all other times, he is submerged in the center of the pond.

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

38 Paradigm of Humanity
This character has no special interactions.

Effects of player's actions[]

  • Swan is found at Swan's Pond, near Park Street station. He can be initially confused for a pile of debris made up of a white swan, a tire, and a branch in the pond center. Should the Sole Survivor or their companion approach the mass, it will reveal itself with a roar, emerge from the water and start attacking. Damaging the pile may also cause Swan to emerge.
  • Swan's combat routine consists of several attacks, including slamming on the ground with his anchor which can stagger the player character and a charge attack where he slams the player character with his shield. He is also able to throw rocks from a distance.


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
12-14 Swan boat fragments Furious power fist


  • Unlike normal behemoths, Swan is wearing makeshift armor created from swan boat fragments and thus has good Damage Resistance and Energy Resistance. Like all super mutants, he is immune to radiation damage, as well as having 100 resistance against poison damage.
  • If the player character is beyond the area around the pond, Swan will only be able to fight the player character by throwing rocks. If the player character travels beyond Swan's throwing range, he will return to his position submerged in the pond or roaming the perimeter.
  • Swan can be stunned by hitting him with a powerful melee weapon such as the super sledge.
  • Crippling one of Swan's legs will render him unable to attack or defend.
  • Near to Swan's location there is an open pre-War armored personnel carrier. One can utilize this vehicle for cover while fighting him.
  • When fighting raiders outside Combat Zone, they will run away if they are critically wounded and yell "I'll let the Swan deal with you," or "Stay back! Let Swan deal with him/her."
  • If he exits combat and reverts to a neutral state while in the water, he regenerates all of his health.
  • He uses a powerful melee weapon known as the Anchor (formid 00144A6C).
  • In The Art of Fallout 4 p. 201, Swan is described as "Behemoth Juggalo."
  • Swan cannot be pickpocketed.
  • Killing Swan serves as the only fixed location of a non-unique legendary item i.e. the Furious power fist.


Edgar Swann appears in Fallout 4 and in Fallout: Wasteland Warfare.


Fallout 4[]

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare[]


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