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Swafford was a Enclave-affiliated general in the United States Armed Forces who survived the Great War in the Whitespring bunker.


General Swafford was already in position beneath the Whitespring Resort when the Great War broke out, alongside several other generals and various members of the Enclave, including then Secretary of Agriculture Thomas Eckhart. After the War, and the mysterious death of the Secretary of the Treasury, Eckhart attempted to continue the War, reasoning that the automated nuclear silos in Appalachia presented the best way to do so, and finally eradicate communism.

Swafford emerged as the leader of the opposition, people who believed that with the nukes launched there was no reason to continue the War[1]. Eckhart gathered the Bunker's occupants together and requested everyone "vote with their feet" having those opposed to continuing the War stand on one side of the room, and those willing to continue it stand on the opposite side, next to the only door. After leaving with the pro-War voters, Eckhart sealed the door and had MODUS gas the room, killing the anti-War voters, including Swafford.


Swafford is mentioned only in Fallout 76.


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