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Sutton Station is a train station in the Forest region of Appalachia.


Situated up a hill on the southern outskirts of Sutton, the facility consists of a track-side platform and station building along the Red Line. The location provided ancillary services such as a staffed ticket sales counter and automated ticket machines before the Great War. A part of the long-defunct network of train stations across Appalachia, it was re-appropriated by the raiders and set up as a hub for operations and trade via vendor bot.


Outdoor seating can be found around the station's exterior, with many beer bottles on and around the tables. There is an ammunition vending machine, medical supplies vending machine, punch card machine, and legendary exchange machine sitting on the platform.

Inside, a stash box sits in front of the shop counter. There is also a chemistry station near some lockers and a bottle of waste acid or waste antiseptic can spawn on a table near them. The toilet in the bathroom contains three rolls of toilet paper.

Notable loot


As of the Locked & Loaded update, a punch card machine was added to all train stations.


Sutton Station appears in Fallout 76.


Post-Locked & Loaded