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Suspicious deaths overview is a paper note in the Fallout 76 update Wastelanders.


The note can be found at Van Lowe Taxidermy, on the front desk near the cash register, within the package for Calvin van Lowe. It can be placed on the green conspiracy board with chalk on it in the Grafton Pawn Shop.


#1: The work foreman was Antonio Childs. One of the more capable and respected builders in the area. He quit his job at Sunnyfield Construction two years ago. Then he went away for weeks at a time, and came back with a great deal of cash. His new house is one of the biggest in Harpers Ferry.

The neighbors had a host of suspicions about him. Was he a bank robber? A cat burglar? His closest friend and drinking companion said Antonio confided he found a nice cushy government contract. And he was skimming some money on the side.
#2: Mr. Tillings was killed three days after my interview with him when a truck smashed into the weigh station where he worked. The driver of the truck has been identified as "Mr. John Doe." Mr. Doe claims to have lost control of the vehicle, but managed to bail out just before the impact. After being held for observation at Morgantown General, Mr. Doe was discharged. There is no subsequent record of his stay.

Whatever additional evidence Mr. Tillings was going to provide is now lost.
#3: I talked with Page Rockwell and she said the timing of Mrs. Shay's death was suspicious. Mrs. Shay was close to sending the Herald a "bombshell." I managed to enter Shay's home four nights after the incident. There was ample evidence of a struggle, and clearly the whole place had been thoroughly searched. The government was looking for something, and I fear they found it and silenced her.
CONCLUSION: So three suspicious deaths. How is this a conspiracy, you may ask? I have sent my proof to several sources - you are just one. I fear your package is the least effective on its own. But if it is put together with the others then a clear pattern emerges.

As I have investigated this conspiracy the number of people that have moved suddenly, stopped returning my phone calls abruptly, met with accidents, or simply disappeared is alarming. These are just the three most obvious.

Mr. van Lowe, please share this with anyone willing to believe.