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Survivor story: Tabitha is a holotape in Fallout 76.


Located on top of a table next to a dead corpse on the second-floor of the Flatwoods tavern.


Tabitha: Just talk into this? Oh. Am I loud enough? Okay. Hi... What do you want me to say exactly?

Dassa Ben-Ami: Yeah, so just talk about how you got here and maybe a little bit about your life. This is a historic document. Go ahead, Tabitha.

Tabitha: Okay, so... thanks... okay. I've been sober for 9 days. I got here 9 days ago. My name is Tabitha... and this is my story. I just found out about everything. The War, the bombs, I just... I just realized this was, uh, really happening. For years I thought the chems were playing tricks with my mind... hurting my brain. Thought it was the worst trip ever... Every time I'd come out of my haze long enough to look for food, I'd find more chems... and well... it kept going. And I kept seeing madness. Look, I would have been wandering around fighting giant rats and eating garbage if not for the Responders... they're good folks. That doc in the Church got me some meds that are helping out a lot, and they have group therapy meetings and... it's good... I think it's helping. But listen... you should avoid the mountains. They'll just get you mixed up. Get you doing things you don't wanna do. Hurting people mostly... and there are so many chems up there. I spent too long there, and... I hurt people... I couldn't think right... I couldn't.

Dassa Ben-Ami: It's okay, Tabitha. Remember what we said in the group? Take your addictol and rest and things will be okay soon. It's okay. We're here for you.

Tabitha: Yeah... I'm taking it. When I feel better... I'm going out west though. Getting out of this place. Getting away from the chems. All of this. I feel better every day, but... years of chems, years of rads, years of sleeping in the muck... it adds up. I'm gonna get back to sleep now, okay?

Dassa Ben-Ami: Okay, thanks for sharing your story, Tabitha. Get some sleep. You'll be okay. You're safe now.