Survivor story: Sofie is a holodisk in Fallout 76.


The disk can be found in Flatwoods, on the porch of the house next to the overpass across from the Green Country Lodge, on the body of Sofie Yates.



Sofie: Is this thing on? Great. Hello survivors of this garbage dump! I'm Sofie and this is my stupid survivor story!

How does this dumb shit go? Oh yeah. Before the bombs I was a librarian, and now I can read everything all the time. Wee, look at me! I'm lucky! Wait, no, maybe I was one of those farmers who prepared for years for the end times. Some sort of religious thing. Yeah, that's right! No no! I got it. I was a sweet little kid and lived off some cat food containers in a super duper mart for months near my parents' rotting carcasses.

Nobody came. Nobody. I learned how to deal. You should too. The Responders are a JOKE. Nobody helps anybody anymore. Get a grip. If you're not a total idiot, you'll get out of this dump before the Responders get you KILLED! Leave the sick behind, they're better off. Trust me.

Whiny babies can stay here and play make-believe, but anyone with half a brain will go up to the Mountains and drop the dead weight! Delbert already tried to stop me, sorry to say nobody will be around to teach you how to eat shit now, Flatwoods! Bye, suckers! Love always, Sofie!

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