Survivor story: Nurse Scott is a holotape in Fallout 76.


The tape can be found behind the house immediately north of Delbert Winters' home in a cooler between two bathtubs.



Scott Shepherd: Responder Dassa gave me some supplies in exchange for my "Survivor Story" so... hi, my name is Scott Shepherd, and things are going all right. I was a nurse before the war, and I guess nothing much has changed. I just work for the Responders now, and I don't get paid! Hah! The government is basically the same now as it was years ago. Wrecked. Disorganized. Cannot be trusted. Everyone knows this!

You wanna know why the War actually happened? Aliens. You think I'm joking? Listen. Right before everything went to hell... I saw them. I was grilling hamburgers out in the yard with my dog and I heard rustling from the bushes, and a zapping noise. Next thing I know, I'm light headed and I felt myself falling to the ground... and I didn't even have a lot to drink. I woke up and I saw some little thing run into the bushes with my dog following it, and I knew something was wrong. I found my dog later with a clump of green skin in his mouth. Green. Like moss or something.

The bombs fell almost 10 days later. 9 days, 19 hours to be exact. That's 235 hours precisely. You know what that is, right? That's right. The atomic number of the fissile isotope of Uranium -- they had a plan from the very beginning! Why would they come after me first, Scott Shepherd, the nurse? Well. Good question. I'm glad you asked. They have our blood! They knew which ones of us would survive. This is one big experiment to them! This whole thing was staged. Our lives. Our thoughts. Everything was designed for us. Just like this conversation. Every word I'm saying.... planned.

Time to wake up, Appalachia! Find the ones holding the strings and cut the cords!

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