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The Survival syringe is a consumable introduced in the Fallout 76 update One Wasteland For All .


The Survival Syringe is a combination stimpak, disease cure, and infusion of hydration and nutrients. With a single injection, this chem completely replenishes the hunger and thirst bars, restores health, and cures disease. It provides +10% HP/s (2s), +2% HP/s (20s), cures disease, and heals crippled limbs.


  • Generated periodically by Survival Shortcut, a legendary perk. At higher perk ranks, the Survival syringe will be generated more frequently, and the player can hold more of them.
  • A single dose can be obtained from Yasmin Chowdhury after giving her a Scorchbeast mixed meat stew.


  • A maximum of ten can be held simultaneously at Survival Shortcut rank 4.
  • This chem will be retained if the player removes the Survival Shortcut perk.
  • This chem cannot be sold to vendors or other players, nor can it be dropped without being destroyed.
  • The healing output of this chem can be increased via First Aid.
  • The healing speed of this chem can be increased via Field Surgeon.