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For the hardest difficulty mode in Fallout: New Vegas or the achievement/trophy, see Hardcore mode.
For the difficulty mode of the same name in Fallout 4, see Survival mode.
For the Fallout 76 gameplay mode, see Survival (Fallout 76).

Survival mode is an optional difficulty setting in Fallout Shelter that presents a higher level of challenge to experienced overseers.

Survival mode is enabled by checking the corresponding box above the vault number selection when creating a new vault. It cannot be enabled or disabled from an existing vault.

When selecting the Survival mode button while creating a vault, the game will display a message advising the player not to choose this difficulty unless they are experienced.


FOS Survival mode
  • Resources drain at a faster rate.
  • Incidents do more damage.
  • Vault dwellers can't be revived, whether in the Vault, in the Wasteland or on quests.
  • Objectives are more demanding, but give better rewards.
  • Quests are more challenging.
  • Deathclaws start appearing at 35+ dwellers instead of 60+.