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To survive in Appalachia, the Brotherhood must work with the settlers of Foundation.

Supplying Demands is a main quest in Fallout 76, introduced in the Steel Dawn update.


The Brotherhood has identified the source of the Hellstorm missile launchers in Appalachia, or at least another group of wastelanders who make use of them, Foundation. Paladin Rahmani wants to kill two birds with one stone, by reclaiming the missile launchers and establishing trade relations with the Settlers.


Paladin Rahmani briefs the initiate on their assignment. The goal is to make contact with Gloria Chance, the manager of Foundation's supply room, then verify the presence of Hellstorm missile launchers and recover them, while also negotiating a trade deal: Food and water in return for what the Brotherhood's Expeditionary Force can offer. If questioned further after receiving the orders, she will explain that forming close bonds with like-minded people is necessary for the Brotherhood's standing, as is the recovery of the Hellstorms, due to the firepower they represent and their close association with the Brotherhood, due to the crest placed on them.

If the player has allianced with the Raiders, some extra dialogue choices will appear such as calling Foundation dorks hiding in a giant log cabin and suggesting to work with Crater instead because they're more fun, but Rahmani shuts down the idea, saying it's better to work for Foundation in the long run. A [Lie/Charisma 4+] option appears saying, "Nothing to fear. I'm a real... people person." which only makes Rahmani shrug off this comment.

Before departing, the player can also approach Knight Shin for more information. He will explain that the priority is getting the Hellstorms back. If the trade deal is mentioned, he will be disappointed, but remind the player of the "chain that binds" (i.e. following authoritative orders). The player can use Perception 5+ to ask for his opinion and Shin will finally relent and explain that he believes the absolute priority is recovering the launchers and that the Brotherhood should focus on self-suffiency, rather than trade deals.

Gloria is located at the Foundation supply room, at the southeastern edge of the settlement. When talked to, she will assume the player is there about the Blamco Mac & Cheese shipment. The player can lie and say that they are there for a pre-payment to the tune of 2500 caps, or correct her. The lie only forces the player to admit it's a joke. Either way, the conversation can go in a variety of directions, depending on the attitude: Either Rahmani's recommended, diplomatic stance, or Shin's preferred hardline demands. Naturally, the settlers will appreciate being diplomatic.

Gloria and her husband, Tad Chance, will explain that they have recently purchased several Brotherhood weapons with the faction's insignia on them and that the settler guards have taken them to the East Mountain lookout tower for testing and exercises. Gloria will ask that the player keep in mind that these weapons are Foundation property and cost them quite a bit, though that has no bearing on the immediate goal.

The tower will be surrounded by dead settlers. A large crater just south of it is filled with pieces of corpses of dead guards, with an intact body and Brotherhood shipping crate next to it. A holotape called Weapon demonstration tells the whole story of the incident: Mike Tiller did not understand the concept of trigger discipline, and fired a missile into the group of settlers gathered around to record instructions for the launchers at Ward's request. Mike is nowhere to be found. To locate him, the player has to use his terminal at the base of the tower. To unlock the "seecrut" section, the password holotape from Mike's bag leaning against the cinder blocks near the terminal is required (the bag may need to be checked twice). The third entry will point to the nearby Kerwood Mine.

Mike will be found inside the miner staging area, behind a barred door, and will be of little help. The player has to navigate the mine and reach him, through the rear chamber, though the player can grab a nearby hazmat suit first. The door to the back tunnel is locked and requires a key. First, jump down the main elevator shaft and find the Kerwood back tunnel key in a blue filing cabinet near the bottom of the shaft in the water. This next part of the quest requires quite a bit of swimming around. Keep following a path and eventually a locked door will be found. Before opening it, be sure to grab the nearby Kerwood Mine key on a table in this area.

The weapons are found together with Mike. Talking to him reveals that that it was his clumsiness caused the deaths of all the guards at the lookout tower. If spared, he will ask to be allowed to take the weapons to Foundation and return them to Gloria and Tad, who are the only people he trusts. The player can use Strength 8+ to intimidate him, Perception 10+ to persuade him that he will just blow himself up on the way, or lie with Charisma 5+ that he will be considered a murderer and should flee. One can also just simply kill him.

Regardless of the outcome, Gloria is the last step in the quest. Tad will insist that the weapons be returned to Foundation, while his wife will be more open to negotiate. The player can, of course, either give Foundation the weapons back or exchange them for Brotherhood protection. If the player confiscates the weapons, they can offer payment - 1000 or 2500 caps - to cover the difference and ensure food shipments to Fort Atlas.

Alternatives include:

  • Using Strength (2+ if Mike was killed, 4+ if the weapon cache was taken or 6+ if Mike brought it back) to strongly suggest that they both hand over the weapon and contribute food to the Brotherhood.
  • Using Perception 8+ to point out that the lack of discipline is a problem, not weapons, and provide training in exchange for the Hellstorms, surplus food, and intel on unusual weapons.
  • Intelligence 8+ to establish that the weapons are simply too dangerous for Foundation to have around.

If Mike is killed, the player may choose to lie by claiming there was an accident with the weapons [Charisma 2+], lie by claiming Mike "went nuts" and killed everyone [Charisma 5+], or come clean about his death. If the Chances are informed he was murdered, Gloria will express horror and call it murder. Tad will be angered and order the Vault Dweller to give the weapons back and go away. The Vault Dweller can agree and tell them to "go nuts" and blow themselves up with them, or pass a Strength +2 check to refuse, demand supplies from Foundation or else the Vault Dweller will kill them. If the latter choice occurs, Tad calls the Vault Dweller a "jack-booted piece of shit" but Gloria reluctantly agrees because she doesn't want to start a war with the Brotherhood of Steel. Gloria says to let Rahmani know they're unsatisfied with this result.

Once the decision is made, all that remains is returning to Paladin Rahmani. She will be found discussing the situation with Knight Shin, with their reactions depending on the outcome of the player's choice:

  • If the player did not confiscate the weapons, both Shin and Rahmani will be furious.
  • If the weapons were confiscated, Shin will be jubilant and Rahmani satisfied.
  • If the player demanded supplies from Foundation, Rahmani will be angry and issue no reward for the mission.
  • If the player promised training in return for the weapons, food, and intel, Shin will be happy to oblige, considering Foundation as a proxy against Crater. Rahmani will be wary of the idea of militarizing Foundation and escalating conflicts in Appalachia. Rahmani mentions she'd be happy to recruit them into the Brotherhood, to which Shin implies Rahmani is being selfish, saying her idea sounds more like a recruitment drive than an effort to help others.
  • If the player offered Brotherhood protection in exchange for the weapons, Shin will be extremely disappointed at making the order into a philanthropic organization, but Rahmani will appreciate the chance to demonstrate its benevolence to the locals.
  • If the player did not secure a trade deal, Rahmani will be gravely disappointed, but Shin will appreciate it, as it forces the Brotherhood to rely on itself and avoids entangling it in local conflicts.

Note that if Mike was killed, it is impossible to report it to Rahmani. For example, if aggressive options were made toward the Chances, only this option appears: "Here's the weapons. I made sure that Foundation understood that subservience to the Brotherhood is required." Rahmani calls this unacceptable and says she won't reward the Initiate, though Shin says that at least the Initiate kept weapons out of civilian hands.

Regardless of the outcome, the quest completes and the player is sent to Scribe Valdez.

Quest stages

Quest stages
DescriptionLog Entry
Report to Paladin Rahmani about FoundationI need to let Paladin Rahmani know that the settlers of Foundation have acquired the missile launchers as well.
Go to Foundation's Supply RoomPaladin Rahmani has tasked me with getting the weapons back from the settlement of Foundation. I am to speak with Gloria Chance in Foundation's Supply Room. I've also been asked to secure a trade deal between them and Fort Atlas while I'm there.
Speak with Gloria ChanceGloria and Tad have confirmed that Foundation obtained some of the dangerous missile launchers. They have a group of guards testing them at the East Mountain Lookout tower. I should head there to examine the weapons.
Ask Gloria Chance about the weapons
Go to the weapon testing site
Investigate the weapon test siteI've arrived at the weapon testing site near the East Mountain Lookout. It looks like something very bad happened here. I should investigate the scene to learn what happened.
Listen to the "Weapon Demonstration" HolotapeA holotape I found explained that Mike, another settler, accidentally killed the other guards here when he handled the weapon incorrectly. I need to find clues to learn where he went. The tape mentioned a "terminal" and his "bag."
Find out where "Mike" wentI've learned where Mike probably went: Kerwood Mine. I should go there and see if he-- and the weapons-- are still there.
Find the Terminal Password
Investigate Kerwood MineI've reached Kerwood Mine. I should try to find Mike to see if he's still here.
Talk to Mike Tiller
Find a way to reach the weaponsI've convinced Mike to run away from Appalachia. I need to take the weapons back to Foundation myself. When I get there, I'll need to convince Gloria to give the weapons back, and land on a trade deal between us and Foundation.
Find the Back Tunnel KeyMike has locked himself inside a storage area. The back way in appears to be flooded. I should try and find a way to reach him.
Unlock the Back Tunnel Door
Reach the weaponsI've reached Mike and the weapons. I'll need to decide how to get the weapons back. I should consider my actions carefully, as I'll still need to make a trade deal with Foundation when this is all over.
Deal with Mike TillerMike insisted on bringing the weapons back himself. I will meet him at Foundation. When I get there, I'll need to convince Gloria to give the weapons back, and land on a trade deal between us and Foundation.
Kill Mike TillerMike is dead. I need to take the weapons back to Foundation myself. When I get there, I'll need to convince Gloria to give the weapons back, and land on a trade deal between us and Foundation.
Collect the weapon cache
Return to Foundation's Supply RoomI've insisted on taking the weapons back to Foundation myself. When I get there, I'll need to convince Gloria that we should keep the weapons, and land on a trade deal between us and Foundation.
Talk to Gloria Chance
Negotiate a deal with FoundationI've returned to the Foundation Supply Room. I will now need to convince Gloria to allow the Brotherhood to keep the weapons, and set up a trade deal between them and Fort Atlas.
Report back to Paladin RahmaniI've completed my negotiations with Foundation. I should report back to Paladin Rahmani with my results.
(Optional) Talk to Shin
(Optional) Collect a Hazmat Dive Suit
(Optional) Search for sunken valuables (#/#)


When negotiating at the end of the quest, the Perception check was supposed to have 8+ and 12+ options, similar to the Strength check and depending on who brought the weapon cache back to Foundation. Due to both options having the same condition (the player taking the weapon cache), only the 8+ is enabled.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • Quest designer Carl McKevitt was a contributor to the design of Supplying Demands.[2] The quests contain internal comments in the game's files for the quest stage flags, examples of which can be found here.
  • The quest's name is a play-on-words of the phrase "supply and demand," which refers to the economical relationship between the amount of product available and the amount of product that consumers want.


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