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Supervisor White is a modified Mister Handy with a female personality and white paint found in Graygarden in 2287.


Supervisor White is a modified Mister Handy model robot with a female voice.[1] She is met either through the Commonwealth Minutemen storyline or by discovery of Graygarden. She is one of the three supervisor robots of Graygarden. Her creator, Dr. Edward Gray had modified the original Mister Handy model due to his distaste with the mass-produced Mister Handy personality.

Unlike the other Mister Handy robots at Graygarden, she, along with the two other supervisors Brown and Greene, have much more advanced "cognitive processors" and have personalities based off of their creator's favorite television shows' characters. Because of this, each of the supervisors have very distinct personalities and voices.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

Interactions overviewEdit

This character starts quests.

Troubled Waters



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  • Although Supervisor White has the standard saw blade, flamethrower, and claw-grip, she clips at the plants as if she has scissors or a trimmer.
  • During the first conversion with her, there are two times that Sole Survivor can say they remember the place from before the Great War. If both lines are chosen, White will say the Sole Survivor is confused because they cannot have lived for so long. However, if only the second one is chosen, an additional point of conversation will appear in which White asks how the Sole Survivor managed to survive this long.


Supervisor White appears only in Fallout 4.


  1. Supervisor White's dialogue: "Genius is restless, darling. It abhors stagnation. Doctor Gray was tired of the standard Mister Handy personality. He looked to his favorite television characters for inspiration, and we are the result."
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