The supervisor was the administrative officer in charge of the Mass Fusion containment shed in 2077.


The supervisor suffered from low morale at their post at the containment shed. After years of dealing with the corrupt, self-absorbed fools the supervisor developed a seething hatred for their employment and fellow managers.[1]

On September 13, 2077, a fellow employee, Lester, died after tripping behind the forklift. In response, corporate forced the facility to post a multitude of work safety posters. All the supervisor could do is sardonically remark that their response is about how Lester wasn't wearing his hard hat and that it set their accident free day number back.[2] The supervisor would grow to envy Lester.[1]

On October 22, 2077, a hazardous material inspector stopped in unannounced to check their operation. The supervisor informed the security chief, Mr. Feld, who told the supervisor that if the inspector caught on to their illegal waste management practices that they needed to kill him, which they did. Afterward, they disposed of the body in the pipe that carried nuclear waste into Lake Quannapowitt.[3] Already complicit in the illegal dumping, they were now also complicit in the conspiracy to commit murder. Their last terminal entry expresses remorse at their actions.[4]


The supervisor is mentioned only in Fallout 4.


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