Supermutant radio broadcast is a radio station in Fallout 4 in 2287. The signal can be picked up after extending the satellite dishes of relay tower 0SC-527. It broadcasts a poorly scripted message that a settler was forced to read by a super mutant. The signal is meant as a trap, though the super mutant accidentally reveals this in the broadcast.


The origin of the broadcast is a ham radio in the sub-basement storage room of Shaw High School. The hatch is located in the basement room with several stoves and meat bags, guarded by a mutant hound. Inside the basement are the bodies of several traders. Two of them have been beheaded and had their head put into a kettle with soup and the broadcasting ham radio.


Hostage: Humans, if out there and need help...we help you. Come to Shaw School place. We promise not tear you limb from limb and eat you.

Super mutant: Huh? But I want to eat human.

Hostage: Yes, I know you do. Look, I'm reading this exactly like you wanted. Remember? It's a trick. You're trying to trick them. With a lie.

Super mutant: Oh yeah, you right.

Hostage: Right, where was I? We not hurt you, we just want help you.

This has been a pre-recorded message. Message repeats in three seconds.


Supermutant radio broadcast appears only in Fallout 4.

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