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For an overview of stimpak types in all games, see Stimpak.
FOBoSLogoThe following is based on Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
The extreme version of the stimpak restores almost all of your health. In the deepest recesses of the Vault, these are as necessary as bullets, as mad mutants deal devastating blows.

Super stimpak is a consumable item in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel.


Super stimpak is a more advanced version of the regular stimpak. While it heals more severe wounds, it also has unpleasant side effects, causing minor damage some time after use. The super version comes in a hypodermic, but with an additional vial containing more powerful drugs than the basic model and a leather belt to strap the needle to your limb. an indication of a prolonged release infusion of the drug perhaps for increased absorption. The super stimpak is much less common in the wasteland than the standard stimpak.


A super stimpak heals the player over a short period when used. The amount of health restored by one super stimpak is 204 HP (244, 285, 326, 367, 408 HP depending of each rank of the First-Aid skill - skill function as perk]s do in the other games).




  • Super stimpaks can be used directly with the L1 button (PS2) or the LB button (Xbox), favoring first them instead of stimpaks.