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Fallout 4Super mutant chains
Super mutant leg armor
Super mutant waistcloth
Super mutant leg guards
Super mutant cowl armor
Super mutant arm guards
Super mutant heavy armor
Super mutant chest harness
Super mutant heavy gauntlets
Super mutant helmet
Super mutant aviator cap
Super mutant light body armor
Super mutant shoulder rags
Super mutant bladed helmet
Super mutant cage helmet
Super mutant bracers
Super mutant wrist wraps

Super mutant armor is armor worn by super mutant in Fallout 4.

It is found in various places throughout The Commonwealth. The Sole Survivor is unable to equip any of it save for the super mutant chains which don't have a model for the Sole Survivor. The main use of super mutant armor is to give to Strong to help him survive engagements much like the dog armor that the player character can equip Dogmeat with.


Due to being made by super mutants the armor is rather large and bulky and are a hodge-podge of various pieces of metal, leather, cloth, and occasionally bones of their victims.

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Art of Fo4 super mutant behemoth concept art

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  • Super mutants
    • Much like Power armor frames, they cannot be taken off those that are wearing it when killed
  • Trinity Tower has super mutant leg armor, super mutant heavy armor, and the super mutant waistcloth (the last behind an Advanced locked door). The super mutant heavy armor can be found on the top floor.
  • Medford Memorial Hospital in the operating theater you can find super mutant heavy armor. The Sole Survivor can also find a super mutant helmet here in the locked room next to the operating theater.
  • Wilson Atomatoys corporate HQ contains the super mutant cowl armor in the room above the radioactive waste. Go up the ramp and around the desks to find it. The super mutant shoulder rags can be found on the 3rd floor in the room with the yellow chest.
  • Wilson Atomatoys factory has a super mutant aviator cap in the factory and on the roof is a super mutant light body armor.
  • In Virgil's cave one can find super mutant bracers and a super mutant aviator cap.
  • Breakheart Banks has a super mutant waistcloth in the lookout on the hill just to the southeast of the main compound. Also, in the main building, there is a super mutant chest harness.
  • West Everett Estates has a super mutant cage helmet in a truck trailer. The super mutant chains can be found on the east side in a lookout position.
  • Gwinnett Brewery has super mutant cage helmet in the storage room off the kitchen. It also has super mutant arm guards on the 2nd floor seating area in the main hall.
  • Trinity Plaza has a pair of super mutant wrist wraps in the locked room- the door has an Expert lock- on the top floor/balcony.
  • In Shaw High School two armor parts can be found, super mutant chest harness can be found in the library next to the armor workbench and super mutant light armor can be found in the dining area.


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