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The Super chem Mk I is a chem introduced in the Fallout 76 update One Wasteland For All .


An injectable combat drug formulated for personal use by experienced chemists in Appalachia. Its utility is similar to Fury. The substance is not addictive and generates no hunger or thirst.

+30% melee damage (5 min)
+25 damage resistance (5 min)
+2 Strength (5 min)


  • Super chem Mk I can only be obtained via the legendary perk Brawling Chemist, and cannot be transferred between players.
  • This chem is generated at perk-rank dependent intervals.


  • This chem will be retained if the player removes the Brawling Chemist perk.
  • A maximum of five can be held simultaneously with Brawling Chemist rank 4.
  • This chem cannot be sold to vendors or other players, nor can it be dropped without being destroyed.
  • The duration of this chem can be extended via Chem Fiend.

Behind the scenes[]

The item is marked with keyword [005477E6] <ChemTypePsycho>, categorizing it as a type of Psycho. However, it carries no risk of addiction, so this categorization is irrelevant to gameplay.