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Well, food and medicine. Everyone needs them once in a while, right? So they need a good place to find them! There's an old Super-Duper Mart not far from here. I need to know if a place like that still has any food or medicine left in it.Moira Brown

Super-Duper Mart is a grocery store located near the Potomac in 2277. It lies northeast of Megaton, and northwest of Grayditch. It is completely overrun by raiders.



In front of the Super-Duper Mart is a large parking lot with hanging corpses indicating the raider presence inside. Two Nuka-Cola vending machines are against the wall of the store between the entrances, along with a pair of non-respawning raiders who engage in combat with anything they detect.

If it is the player's first foray near Grayditch, one will likely encounter Bryan Wilks here once the hostiles are killed. The quest Those! can be initiated from his dialogue.


As the Lone Wanderer enters the Super-Duper Mart through the left door, the entry room contains a Nuka-Cola vending machine directly to the left, with scattered empty Nuka-Cola bottles around it. Upon entering the store proper, there will be a hallway on the left wall leading to the restrooms and through which raiders will enter the main area.

Entering by the right door allows the player to enter just left of an area surrounded by a counter that contains about half the loot in the store. The right wall is patrolled less often and allows access closer to the back of the store without being spotted.

The majority of the store is made up of supermarket-style shelves that have planks acting as makeshift bridges between them. These are patrolled by raiders and contain very few useful items.

The pharmacy (room on the back wall) contains most of the remainder of the store's loot and houses a protectron that can be activated to help fight the raiders. The key to open it can be found in a crate in the mart. The door can also be lockpicked or opened by hacking the terminal next to it (Lockpick or Science of 25 required).

Notable loot

  • Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor on the counter with ammunition cases in the alcove just outside the room with the Protectron.
  • Three Nuka-Cola Quantums in the same room as the protectron.
  • Mini nuke, also in the same room as the protectron, just beside the computer terminal.
  • Office employee ID - In the same storage room, on the terminal.
  • The first aid box next to the protectron terminal contains a significant amount of medical supplies, and is part of the Wasteland Survival Guide quest.
  • Three bottles of vodka: One on the middle counter in the northeast area of the store and two more on the middle shelves of the northern part of the pharmacy storeroom.
  • Ten bottles of Nuka-Cola on the floor and in boxes in the pharmacy storeroom.
  • Three bottlecap mines, on two counters.


  • West-northwest, about one square from Super-Duper Mart, there is a house with a Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual on a shelf.
  • Duck and Cover! - To the north, in a camp under a bridge.
  • Northwest about one square, on the bank of the Potomac, is a mirelurk nesting ground with over 30 individual eggs and several egg clutches.

Related quests


  • The parking lot is the site of a 'Type A' random encounter location.
  • A scripted event is triggered inside when the player enters the storeroom at the back of the store. The event is marked by raider dialogue broadcasting over the store intercom. Four additional raiders then spawn inside the Super-Duper Mart, both at the entrances and on the plank walkways.
  • No enemies will respawn within the interior. Once the player has cleared the interior of all raiders (the six initial ones and the four that spawn when exiting the rear storeroom), the location's interior is safe.
  • A Protectron that can be activated by the terminal (Very Easy) is found inside the pharmacy. Once activated, it will resume its routine of asking for identification (the ID is found on top of the console). In certain instances, however, this can cause a crash.
  • This is one of the places that had a large shipment of Nuka-Cola Quantum sent to it, that can be used for the quest The Nuka-Cola Challenge.
  • An Enclave soldier may spawn on the hill near the house containing the Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual (where the Enclave checkpoint would normally be located upon their arrival in the Capital Wasteland), even at low levels.


The Super-Duper Mart appears in Fallout 3 and Fallout 4. Ads for the Super-Duper Mart can be found in the Sunset Sarsaparilla headquarters, an El Rey Motel room, the Cottonwood Cove mess hall, and in Mick & Ralph's in Fallout: New Vegas, as well as its add-on Lonesome Road.

Behind the scenes

  • A character titled "Dead mercenary," seen in an early gameplay video, was cut from Fallout 3 near the end of development. She was intended to spawn dead outside of the Super-Duper Mart. This character was equipped with combat armor, biker goggles, a bandana, a Type 93 Chinese assault rifle, and 214 5.56mm rounds.[1]
  • Similarly, the Lone Wanderer found a power fist in the restrooms in the next video, which featured quite prominently in a V.A.T.S.-assisted beheading uppercut. There are no power fists in Super-Duper Mart in the final game, however.


PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 Shooting any of the check-out counters between the exits will cause them to bleed and produce a blood splat. [verified]