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Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle caps are uncommon miscellaneous items in Fallout: New Vegas.


A Sunset Sarsaparilla bottle cap with a luminous blue star on the bottom, bottles of Sunset Sarsaparilla were randomly capped with these as part of a promotion before the Great War, where participants needed to redeem 50 of them at the Sunset Sarsaparilla company's headquarters in Las Vegas to receive a prize. This prize has attained a legendary status following the War, becoming a highly sought after treasure in the Mojave Wasteland.

Sometime after the Courier finds at least one of these caps, a man named Malcolm Holmes, a retired collector of these prized caps, will approach the player character and warn that the caps are highly sought after by collectors who will kill for them. He says sometimes people can be so crazed that they will attack strangers if they simply believe they have any. He also warns to steer clear of a man named Allen Marks, who is said to have killed several people for the caps and is somewhat of a professional collector.

The caps are thought to be very valuable, and according to a legend they allow access to a secret treasure guarded by a man named Festus. When asked about Festus, Malcolm says he has been guarding the treasure since before the Great War, which he says "would make him pretty damn old." He states that he has met a few people who claim they have actually seen Festus and that these people "aren't the lying type." The treasure’s contents are unknown, although Malcolm hints that it could be money, technology, or other pre-War items whose actual value is unknown. The star bottle caps are still occasionally found, as the treasure's guardian still distributes them.


Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle caps are a rare variant of the Sunset Sarsaparilla bottle cap, featuring a blue star on the underside of the cap. The star glows blue, though dimly. These caps have a 1-in-20 (5%) chance of being found when drinking a bottle of Sunset Sarsaparilla, and otherwise can be found in various locations throughout the Mojave Wasteland. These caps are part of the quest The Legend of the Star, and thus cannot be sold. Once the quest is completed, picking up a Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap will simply add to the player's total bottle cap count.

Associated prize

After finding at least 50 Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle caps, the player character can approach Festus at the Sunset Sarsaparilla headquarters, which will initiate the directly associated quests, The Legend of the Star and A Valuable Lesson. Completing these quests will lead the player character to the prize for collecting these rare caps, about 1500 regular bottle caps, 319 toy deputy badges (which have no monetary value), and Pew Pew, a unique laser pistol.


  • Sunset Sarsaparilla - In terms of game items they are considered a separate item; however, picking up a Sunset Sarsaparilla cap simply adds to the player character's total bottle cap count.
  • Bottle cap - Standard Nuka-Cola bottle caps featuring 21 crimps and ridges, used as the basic form of currency throughout the wasteland.
  • Counterfeit bottle caps - Can be found inside the cap counterfeiting shack. These "fake caps" appear identical to standard Nuka-Cola bottle caps, but have no trade value and cannot be used for any monetary purpose.


The following is a list of 100 fixed locations where star bottle caps can be found throughout the Mojave Wasteland. Additional star caps can occasionally be acquired from non-player characters or by drinking Sunset Sarsaparilla.

Fixed locations

Location Location description
188 Trading Post On the wooden bar counter, by the bottle and lantern, at the end of the blue shack bar.
Aerotech Office Park Aerotech suite 300: On the kitchen sideboard counter near the deviled eggs, in the far-end kitchen room (last door on the left).
Allied Technologies offices First of the two on the cubicle desk with the other scattered caps, in the filing room with the cabinets, to the right of the entrance.
Allied Technologies offices Second of the two on the cubicle desk with the other scattered caps, in the filing room with the cabinets, to the right of the entrance.
Bitter Springs recreation area In the office, on the sideboard with the bottles, the first of two near the ham radio and coffee maker, below the Poseidon Energy poster, right of the dead tree.
Bitter Springs recreation area In the office, on the sideboard with the bottles, the second of two near the ham radio and coffee maker, below the Poseidon Energy poster, right of the dead tree.
Black Mountain Inside Tabitha's storage building, on the bottom shelf, between the two bottle crates, just behind and left of the super mutant dummy.
Blue Paradise Vacation Rentals Among the floating bottles and caps near the open fridge, in the submerged middle rental bungalow.
Blue Paradise Vacation Rentals On the counter south, with other caps, in the submerged north bungalow.
Bonnie Springs Two can be found in open crates with empty bottles on the porch of the second building directly southeast from the campfire.
Boulder City Big Horn Saloon: On the large, round table with the chessboard on it, in front of you and left as you walk in.
Bradley's shack Behind the sandbags, near the other scattered caps, by the ammunition box and mattress, under the wooden canopy.
Brewer's beer bootlegging On top of the small bookcase with other caps and a key, just left of the door to the cellar.
Brooks tumbleweed ranch Adjacent to the gas cylinder, on the floor at the bottom of the shelving, in the ground floor corner storage room with the stove.
California Sunset Drive-in Two can be found Next to the fourth bottle (looking left to right), on the slab of concrete, by the ruined north concrete hut, right of the trash can.
Callville Bay Captain Dean Boat Rentals: Far display case under packs of cigarettes near sunset bottles.
Callville Bay Captain Dean Boat Rentals: On the right counter behind the display case near the cash register and phone.
Camp Forlorn Hope Mess hall (south of stream): By the bottle on the table with the coffee pot, close to the metal shelves.
Camp Golf House Resort: Upper right corridor bedroom #1, on the dresser opposite the one with the bottles and caps, first of three.
Camp Golf House Resort: Upper right corridor bedroom #1, on the dresser with the bottles and caps, second of three.
Camp Golf House Resort: Upper right corridor bedroom #1, on the dresser with the bottles and caps, third of three.
Camp McCarran In a small crate on one of the many metal shelves, close to a footlocker where Sergeant Contreras stands, in his supply shack. May also be bought from Contreras himself.
Camp Searchlight Searchlight fire station: Upper floor, on a dining table with two bottles, in the kitchen area.
Cap counterfeiting shack First of three: On the table nearest the vending machines, right next to the lantern, near the Nuka-Cola and Sarsaparilla Caps and bottles.
Cap counterfeiting shack Second of three: On the table nearest the vending machines, right next to the lantern, near the Nuka-Cola and Sarsaparilla Caps and bottles.
Cap counterfeiting shack Third of three: On the corner of the table nearest the vending machines, right next to the lantern, near the Nuka-Cola and Sarsaparilla Caps and Bottles.
Cerulean Robotics As one enters, go through the door on the southeast wall of the reception area. On the dining table next to the bottle, close to three open fridges.
Cliffside prospector camp On the chessboard with the bottle on it, on top of the damaged wooden crate.
Cottonwood Cove Inside the ladies restrooms building, on the lowest metal shelf with a bottle.
Coyote mines On the middle table, lower area right of the stairs, just inside the large miner's shack.
Crimson Caravan Company Crimson Caravan main office: On top of the ham radio amplifier, on the corner desk.
El Dorado Gas & Service On the cash register counter.
El Dorado substation On the trash can, next to the Eat'o'tronic 3000, left corner.
El Rey Motel On the long bookcase next to the hat and fan, upper floor rental room (with fairy lights, and Very Easy locked door) above the eastern exterior steps.
Emergency service railyard On the mattress on the train platform, with other scattered caps. There are two here.
Fields' shack In the doorless refrigerator next to some empty Sunset Sarsaparilla bottles.
Fisherman's Pride shack With other scattered caps on the table with the toaster and Salisbury Steak, left of the fridge.
Gibson scrap yard Corner of the low metal shelf with the tires and vehicle rims, in the main garage.
Goodsprings On the game table with the chessboard and bottles, in the master bedroom, in the ranch house West of Goodsprings General Store.
Goodsprings Ranch house east of the schoolhouse: on the kitchen sideboard bar, near the two bottles and toaster, right next to an exit door.
Grub n' Gulp rest stop On the plate, on the table adjacent to the shack.
Guardian Peak On the upturned crate, near the plate and empty whiskey bottle, by the radio, close to the cave mouth.
Gun Runners At the bottom of a small bottle crate on the floor by the metal table with the coffee machine on it, opposite the reception desk.
Gypsum train yard Inside the office building: a single cap on the corner desk with the burned-out terminal, back room with egg clutches.
Harper's shack On the small table with the fan on it, near the small crate of bottles and a pressure cooker, across from the bunk bed, in the left room.
Hell's Motel On the table next to the bottle in the kitchen.
Highway 95 Viper's encampment Next to the two other caps on one of the two makeshift bedding rolls, northwestern lean-to.
Horowitz farmstead On the left wooden crate, near the sack and two ammunition boxes, on the ground, inside the skeletal barn, middle building cluster.
Hostetler home Directly northwest of Durable Dunn's sacked caravan, inside the Hostetler house on the small table, between the two couches, with the bottle in the living room.
Hunter's farm In the middle of the cluster of caps, on the kitchen work surface with the crates and bottles.
Hunter's farm On the edge of the cluster of caps, on the kitchen work surface with the crates and bottles.
Jacobstown bungalow Northern bungalow (adjacent to perimeter stakes), on the gaming table with the cards and empty whiskey bottles.
Jean Sky Diving Inside the shack, on the desk next to the ham radio, by the bottle and burned-out terminal.
Junction 15 railway station On the corner of the green bench, left of the boarded-up door, on the platform.
Lone Wolf Radio With the other scattered caps, near the footlocker and mattress, inside the trailer.
Matthews Animal Husbandry Farm In the northwest barn, up the stairs, on top of a crate.
Mesquite Mountains camp site On top of the metal box, inside the northwest tent near the sleeping mattress.
Mesquite Mountains lean-to Inside the tipped wooden sunset crate, between the mattress and half-buried metal box.
Mojave Outpost barracks On the long section of the bar counter as one walks in, by a bottle.
Mountain Shadows campground On the red picnic table with the bottle and plates, next to the campfire.
NCR Correctional Facility Next to the bottle on the curved desk, in the visitor center.
NCR sharecropper farms Northeast barracks, by the fertilizer silos, on the desk with the bottle across from the bunk beds.
Nellis hangars First of two: In the mess hall hangar, on the easternmost table, with the other caps and a bottle.
Nellis hangars Second of Two: In the mess hall hangar, on the easternmost table, with the other caps and a bottle, next to the other bottle.
Nevada Highway Patrol station By the body near the green cot in the cell room with the mantis nymphs.
New Vegas Steel In front of the terminal on the desk located across from the vending machine, near a Patriot's Cookbook magazine, in the office next to the smelting chamber.
Nipton Road reststop On the cash register counter, with three other caps.
Nipton Ranch house south of the "Trading Post" General Store: On top of the ruined bookcase near the chessboard and bottle, in the master bedroom.
North Vegas Square The Gray second floor, third room on the right as one exits the stairs, can be stolen from the table with a bottle.
Novac, Dino Dee-lite Motel Daisy Whitman's room, on the table with the television set.
Novac On the small round table in the corner of the galley kitchen, in the Novac house next to No-bark's shack, northwest part of town.
Old nuclear test site Inside the shack, on the table with the science experiment and two bottles on it.
Primm Bison Steve Hotel: On a side table next to a sofa straight to one's left when entering the large lobby room with the rug from the front door.
Primm house First building to the left from city's south gate: On the short bookcase, in the living room. (Must be stolen)
Raided farmstead In the open fridge with the cap and bottles, near the ammunition box, in the long trailer.
REPCONN headquarters Second floor: In a square-shaped room with four desks (almost in the middle of the local map), on the desk across from the one with the red keycard on it.
REPCONN headquarters Ground floor: On the desk with the inactive terminal, next to two bottles, in the robot recharge and security office.
REPCONN headquarters Ground floor: On the long cash register counter with the three bottles in the gift shop.
REPCONN headquarters Office top floor: Leonard Steeple's office: on the large wooden executive desk near two bottles and a terminal.
REPCONN headquarters Office top floor: Piers Isley's office: on the floor at the foot of the corner bookcase with the other scattered caps and bottles.
Scavenger platform On a metal shelf near another cap, adjacent to the overturned ammunition box, above the radio, in the northeastern most floating shack.
Scorpion gulch A wastelander fighting scorpions or dead already. Check his inventory and there will be a star bottle cap.
Searchlight North gold mine On the wooden crate, by the metal shelving, across from the mine cart, halfway down the right tunnel.
Silver Peak mine Between two bottles on the table in front and right of the entrance, inside the mine shack.
Sloan On the round table with the lantern and bottle, near the vending machine, in Jas Wilkins' mess hall.
Smith Mesa Prospector Camp On the concrete block, at the back of the rock alcove, behind the lean-to.
Sniper's nest On the long plank of wood next to the mattress, next to the .308 ammunition box, inside the lean-to.
Snyder Prospector Camp On top of the two ruined books, next to the bedding and sandbags.
Southern Nevada Wind Farm In the maintenance shack, on the metal worktable with other caps, near the copy of Dean's Electronics.
Sunken Sunset Sarsaparilla truck Near a submerged truck in the northwest part of Lake Mead, west of the scavenger platform. There are three caps at the back end of the truck. Be mindful of the debris.
Sunset Sarsaparilla headquarters At the south end of the upstairs hallway in the office immediately preceding entrance to the prize vault, inside the wall safe directly above the large hole in the floor.
The Devil's Gullet Bottom of the gullet, in the small wooden crate with two bottles, next to the skull and rusty ammunition box.
The Prospector's Den As one first enters the building inside the cave, turn right into the first door, then look right. The cap is sitting on top of a chessboard on the counter.
Vault 3 On a desk next to a bottle of Sarsaparilla in a south room of the living quarters, one floor up from the flooded area. It's across the hall from the terminal that says "Hello Billy boy!" when opened.
Vault 19 Living quarters (not the first floor,) blue sector: Inside the second dorm on the desk with the terminal and chessboard.
Viper Gang ambush On the half-buried crate spilling out of the back of the container, east of Nipton.
Wrecked Highwayman Among the debris and footlocker, in the open trunk of the crashed car.

Random locations

  • Up to nine star caps can be found between Nipton and the Nipton Road pit stop, where the player character will find Tomas and Jacklyn embroiled in a gunfight. If Tomas dies, the player character can talk to Jacklyn and confront her about the star bottle caps, at which point she will attack. Killing her will enable looting two star bottle caps from her body, and then up to seven more from Tomas' body. If Tomas kills Jacklyn, he will not attack the player character, and acquisition of all nine caps will involve pickpocketing, killing, or convincing Tomas to give up his caps with a Speech skill of 50 or by the Terrifying Presence perk. In either scenario, the victor in the scuffle may loot the star caps off their fallen opponent, enabling the player character to gather all nine caps from one person.
  • Six star caps can be found on Malcolm Holmes.
  • Norton, the leader of the mercenaries attacking Jacobstown, has one star cap.
  • The player character can initiate the mini-game encountered within the dialogue with Festus, which will randomly award star caps. The mini-game can be played ad infinitum, enabling the player character to rack up a star cap every 5–10 minutes.
  • A wastelander may appear fighting some scorpions when the player character is traveling to scorpion gulch. He will be carrying a Sunset Sarsaparilla star cap on his body should he die during the confrontation. The wastelander will respawn after three days, at which point another star cap can be acquired from him.
  • Sergeant Daniel Contreras at Camp McCarran occasionally sells some.
  • A great amount of Sunset Sarsaparilla can be found in the Sunset Sarsaparilla headquarters which can be consumed, giving a 5% chance of getting a star cap.


  • The star cap in Gypsum train yard may not be easily visible. It is located inside the office building, in the back room with egg clutches, on the corner desk with the burned-out terminal. A well-placed frag grenade under the table may help dislodge it. This might also be helpful in other locations, where the caps aren't visible or drop down to inaccessible areas when picking up other items. It should, however, be considered as a last resort if nothing else helps, as it could move the cap into even more inaccessible places.
  • It is possible to earn star caps by brewing homemade Sunset Sarsaparilla at a campfire.
  • After the quest A Valuable Lesson has been completed, star bottle caps can still be collected, but they will automatically be converted into normal bottle caps, along with all the star caps previously in the player character's inventory.
  • Star caps awarded from drinking Sunset Sarsaparilla within the Pip-Boy Inventory's "Aid" screen will not immediately be accounted for in the parenthesized Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap quantity shown in the "Misc" screen. Lowering and raising the Pip-Boy again will show the correct number.
  • While no star bottle caps can be found in add-on locations, any Sunset Sarsaparilla found will still have the 5% of giving a star cap instead of a regular bottle cap.