Sunnyvale, California is a mentioned-only pre-War city.


Sunnyvale is where the platinum chip was created for Mr. House, which was to be hand-delivered to Mr. House on October 23, 2077. However, due to the Great War, the chip was lost among the destruction. House spent millions of caps trying to recover this chip but to no avail.[1][2]


Sunnyvale is mentioned only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenes


  1. The Courier: "Why didn't the Platinum Chip arrive on time?"
    Robert House: "The Platinum Chip was printed in Sunnyvale, California on October 22nd, 2077 - the day before the Great War. It was to have been delivered by courier the following afternoon... but by then, the world had ended. The Chip contained vital software upgrades, but not just for my Securitrons. Every aspect of the missile defense grid would have been upgraded, too. Given that I had to make do with buggy software, the outcome could have been worse. I nearly died as it was."
    (Robert House's dialogue)
  2. Robert House: "Such a small thing, isn't it? And yet so... capacious. So very dear. Decades of hiring salvagers out west to search for this little relic in the ruins of a place called Sunnyvale. Back then, anyway. That's where the Chip was printed, on October 22, 2077. It was to have been hand-delivered to me here, at the Lucky 38, the next day. But the bombs fell first. Suffice it to say, the delivery was never made."
    (Robert House's dialogue)
  3. J.E. Sawyer on Formspring
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