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The Sunnytop marketing memo is a paper note in Fallout 76.


The note can be found at Sunnytop Ski Lanes, on the reception desk.


SunnyTop Ski Lanes

To: Ted Augsutine In-game spelling

Here is the list of promotions you requested. I feel these will fit our need and budget:

*"Marco Polo Ski Challenge" - Complete with resort-branded blindfolds
*"Ski-Through at Sunnytop Grill" - Add a ski-through lane to our restaurant
*"Ye Olde Ski Joust" - Knock your opponent off their skis to win prizes
*"Three-Legged Ski Race" - Teams compete on only three skis

If any of these ideas appeal to you, all we need is your signature and we'll make them happen.

Darren Lafleur, Marketing Director