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Sunnytop Station is a train station in the Savage Divide region of Appalachia.


A part of the long-defunct network of train stations on the Blue Line, the location provided ancillary services such as a staffed ticket sales counter and automated ticket machines before the Great War. It is situated down the hill from Sunnytop Ski Lanes, found along State Route 95.[1]


The facility consists of a track-side platform and station building, reappointed in adornments indicative of its previous raider inhabitants. The raiders had utilized the building as a hub for operations and trade via vendor bot, who currently offers an assortment of weapons, armor, consumables, and other items.

A stash box can be found inside, as well as an armor workbench, punch card machine, and automated ammunition and medical supply vending machines. A birdhouse painting session had been taking place inside, with red paint cans and the projects lining the wall counter and stool in the middle of the room. The map inside has been scribbled over with chalk, only leaving the Savage Divide visible.


As of the Locked & Loaded update, a punch card machine was added to all train stations.


Sunnytop Station appears in Fallout 76.


Post-Locked & Loaded


  1. Fallout 76 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Atlas of Appalachia p. 401, SUNNYTOP STATION:
    "This was one of the many fortified Raider locations in the Sunnytop complex, and the ramshackle, spiky architecture has been added to a once-idyllic train station exterior. Use this as a base camp when exploring the vicinity, due to the trading and stashing opportunities."