The Sunnytop Ski Lanes terminal entries are a series of entries found on terminals in Sunnytop Ski Lanes in Fallout 76.

Guest terminalEdit

New Guest Welcome MessageEdit


Valued Guest -

Welcome to your relaxing ski vacation at Sunnytop Ski Lanes! Prepare to be immersed in the rustic charm of our historic lodge, and to carve down the most exciting slopes in Appalachia!

Our lifts operate from 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM, so get out there early to make the most of your trip. Our lanes range from Green Circle to Black Diamond, so we have something to offer the whole family. If you're a true thrill seeker, ask about our backcountry opportunities (at your own risk).

Ski lessons are available every other Monday at 9 AM. If you miss these windows, don't fret! There's no better way to learn than getting on the slopes and learning yourself. What's the worst that could happen? Fortune favors the bold!

After hours, we have plenty of apres-ski to keep the fun going! Come down to the lodge restaurant for a refreshing drink, or take the bus down to the base lodge where we hold nightly clog dancing lessons.

We know you'll enjoy your stay with us at Sunnytop Ski Lanes. Let the front desk know if you need anything, and remember to have a sunny day!

Ski Trail ListEdit


Here at Sunnytop Ski Lanes, we have a wide range of ski trails for guests of all skill levels to enjoy:

Massey's Tumble (Green Circle)
Hopefully you won't tumble as you cruise down this beginner's trail to the base lodge for a well-earned cocktail!

Good Times (Blue Square)
An intermediate trail with just enough excitement to keep you coming back for more!

Friendly Hills (Blue Square)
Make sure you don't veer off the cliffside on this thrilling intermediate-to-expert trail!

Champion (Black Diamond)
Defy death itself as you fly down our signature Black Diamond trail. Be sure to slow down before slamming into our newly renovated Base Lodge!

Suite Check-Out ProceduresEdit


Suite Check-Out Procedures

Valued Guest - Please follow these simple procedures before departing your luxury suite at Sunnytop Ski Lanes:

- Departing Guests must check-out prior to 8:30 AM. Guests not following this rule will be subject to a late check-out fee. Guests can request a later check-out time 24 hours in advance for a reduced fee.

- Guests who depart their suite in an unkempt state will be subject to a mandatory housekeeping gratuity. It is recommended that guests perform a thorough cleaning before departure.

- Failure to return all rental ski equipment will result in the full price of those items to be charged to the renters room on check-out.

- Guests must check-out using in-room terminals before delivering the key to the front desk. Failure to do so results in an additional administrative fee.

Thank you for choosing Sunnytop Ski Lanes as your premier ski destination, and have a sunny day!

Initiate Suite Check-OutEdit


ERROR: Check-out service unreachable. Please contact the front desk for further information.

Vincent Fried's terminalEdit


Admin PasswordEdit


FROM: <Jack Frankson>
To: <Vincent Fried>
SUBJ: Backups

Margie's been acting a little weird, so I need to tell you this before she does something stupid. You know how we've got that backup of the key fragment stored over at the Palace on that holotape duplication machine?

Well, I overheard Margie telling the librarian to change the admin password so none of us will know what it is. She's been lying to you, Vince!

So, I did some snooping around and saw where the librarian must keep the new password. I saw him place a piece of paper into a hidden compartment inside the dresser in his bunk room. Don't let her know you know, or she'll have it changed again!

Other GangsEdit


FROM: <Margie McClintock>
To: <Vincent Fried>
SUBJ: Other Gangs

No luck. I've been trying to convince the other gang leaders that we need to make backups of all the key fragments. They're just holotapes. It's only a matter of time before someone breaks theirs or loses it, then we're all SOL. The machine over at the Palace is the perfect plan. They're a neutral party. Heck, most of 'em swore off earthly possessions!

Of course, the other gangs don't trust me. They think we're going to take all the fragments and make off with the cache ourselves in the dead of night. Their distrust is going to be the death of us, I swear.



FROM: <Margie McClintock>
To: <Vincent Fried>
SUBJ: Confidential

Don't tell anyone else, Vincent, but I had the Palace librarian change the admin password to their machine. He's the only one who knows what it is now. It's for their protection, if something ever happens to us.

I don't want the other gangs wiping them out for their chems. With all that's been going on lately, tempers are flaring and people are getting desperate. Those are good people up there at the Palace, and they need a bargaining chip.

You're the only one they'll deal with if you ever need it back. I trust you.

The PalaceEdit


FROM: <Jack Frankson>
To: <Vincent Fried>
SUBJ: The Palace

Margie wanted me to file a report with you concerning the incident at the Palace. None of us was there when it happened, but when we came back to the Palace yesterday...

Everyone was gone. Just gone. Like they just up and disappeared. Didn't look like an attack. Nothing was ransacked. No one took anything with 'em. It was friggen spooky, man.

RE: DisappearanceEdit


FROM: <Margie McClintock>
To: <Vincent Fried>
SUBJ: RE: Disappearance

Everyone keeps asking, but I don't know what happened at the Palace. Jack tells me they were just gone.

At first, I thought Gourmands got to them. They've had their hungry eyes on the place ever since they went strict cannibal. But, they've been having their own troubles lately, I hear. I doubt it's them. Besides, have you seen what they did to Bolton Greens? They would have left a much bigger mess.

I don't know how much more of this I can take, honestly.



ROM: <Basco>
To: <Vincent Fried>
SUBJ: Gone???

Yo! What's the deal with the Palace? I heard those weirdos just disappeared or something without a trace!

Do you think they finally actually transcended or some bullshit like that? Is that even possible? How do people disappear like that?

Man, that is some whackadoo messed-up stuff!



FROM: <Meg Groberg>
To: <Vincent Fried>
SUBJ: Margie?

Hey, Margie's been gone a lot longer than usual. It's been a few weeks. I know she says not to worry, but... we lost track of the Blackwater Bandits a while back, then the Trappers... and of course whatever happened at the Palace of the Winding Path... Well, I'm getting worried that whoever or whatever it is will come for us next.

A lot of us have been talking about finally skipping town and moving on from Appalachia, maybe head out towards the coast, or up North.

Let me know if you want in.







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