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Cheyenne stay. Don't worry, she won't bite, unless I tell her to.

Sunny Smiles is a local gecko hunter and town guard living in the town of Goodsprings in 2281.


Sunny Smiles is a talented trapper and survivalist, living in Goodsprings. She primarily hunts geckos around the town, subsisting on their meat and selling the hides to traders or Chet. Her talent with a rifle is very useful to the people living in the sleepy settlement, as she helps keep it clear of radscorpions and coyotes which always seem to find a way to get into the town and try to partake in the town's water supply. It is no small problem: The wildlife tends to get agitated whenever humans come near and attack them, injuring or even killing the townsfolk, especially the wildlife north of Goodsprings.[1]

She also defends the town from threats when the need arises, but also takes a more proactive approach when she knows trouble is brewing, such as with Joe Cobb and his group of Powder Gangers.[2]

Sunny Smiles is uninvolved in the politics of the Mojave Wasteland and cares little for the New California Republic or Caesar's Legion. Her opinion of the NCR's occupation of the Mojave is that they tend to be "pushy," but they have made the roads safer, even if that was done only for the benefit of NCR settlers.[3] She has had no direct contact with Caesar's Legion, but she has heard reports that the Legion practice slavery and brutally kill many others, but believes these may be stories made up by NCR to justify their occupation of the Mojave.[4]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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Other interactions

  • It is possible for Cheyenne to die during the tutorial quest, in which case Sunny's dialogue will change slightly to show her remorse.[5] This does not have any real impact on the completion of the quest. It is also possible for her to die when fighting the geckos during the quest Back in the Saddle.
  • If asked about any work to be done, she will mention to check out the safe in the schoolhouse, giving the Courier bobby pins and a copy of Locksmith's Reader in order to open it.[7]

Effects of player's actions

  • Sunny Smiles' dialogue changes based on whether or not Joe Cobb has died.
  • If Goodsprings schoolhouse has already been looted, the Courier can inform her of this, but Sunny Smiles will still give the bobby pins and copy of Locksmith's Reader.


Apparel Weapon Other items
Leather armor Varmint rifle


  • Sunny is slightly shorter than the average non-player character, being 95% of the standard height.
  • Trying to pickpocket Sunny during the tutorial will result in lowered Reputation with Goodsprings.
  • If killed, her body will never disappear.
  • Sunny Smiles shares both a similar name and job with Smiley, a fellow gecko hunter in Fallout 2.

Notable quotes


Sunny Smiles appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


  • PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3 There is a game glitch that might cause Sunny Smiles to walk up to you and start a conversation. She gets stuck in an infinite loop and some seconds after the end of each conversation, she will try to talk to you again. [verified]
  • PCPC Sunny will not mind if the player character shoots her/Cheyenne when they are supposed to shoot Sarsaparilla bottles. [verified]
  • Playstation 3Playstation 3 On rare occasions, Sunny might be in Hidden Valley instead of Goodsprings.[verification overdue]


  1. The Courier: "What do you do around here?"
    Sunny Smiles: "I hunt geckos, mostly. The meat's pretty good and I can always find a buyer for the hides. I also help keep the town clear of radscorpions and coyotes. Not many people live in Goodsprings, so wildlife is always creeping in."
    (Sunny Smiles' dialogue)
  2. The Courier: "I'm going to help Ringo take on the powder gangers. I might need your help."
    Sunny Smiles: "Say no more. I'm in."
    The Courier: "Just like that?"
    Sunny Smiles: "Just like that. I have a feeling that I'm going to end up fighting those guys one way or another, so I might as well get it over with. Joe Cobb talks about leaving us alone if we hand over Ringo, but I know his type. He and his friends will come after the town eventually."
    (Sunny Smiles' dialogue)
  3. The Courier: "NCR?"
    Sunny Smiles: "The New California Republic. Bunch of settlers and soldiers coming in from the West, fixing on making Nevada their own. They can be right pushy, but the roads are safer 'cause of them, so I tend to let it go. Not that I got a choice."
    The Courier: "What does the NCR keep you safe from?"
    Sunny Smiles: "Well, the wildlife for one thing. Rowdy locals for another. They're protecting their own. Just happens to help us. They've been holding off this other group from the East, too."
    (Sunny Smiles' dialogue)
  4. The Courier: "What do you know about the other group?"
    Sunny Smiles: "Got a funny name. Call themselves Caesar's Legion. Never seen 'em in these parts, so I couldn't tell you much. I hear rumors, that's about it. Supposedly they keep slaves and they got some real nasty ways of killing folks. But maybe that's just something folks in the NCR cooked up to make themselves seem more useful here. Less uninvited."
    (Sunny Smiles' dialogue)
  5. Sunny Smiles: "Confound it, Cheyenne, why'd you have to go running in like that? You were supposed to stay. I'm sorry, you shouldn't have to see me like this. I'm not not gonna be very good company right now."
    (Sunny Smiles' dialogue)
  6. Sunny Smiles: "Ah, hell's bells. There's not a day passes by I don't tell people not to come here by themselves. Some people, your word just isn't good enough for them. Then this happens. Well, it's part of life out here. Best to accept it. But you did what you promised, staying out here with me. Here's my end of the deal."
    (Sunny Smiles' dialogue)
  7. The Courier: "I'm a little short on caps. I don't suppose there's any work available?"
    Sunny Smiles: "Not in Goodsprings, no. But if you're up for a little scavenging, there's always the schoolhouse. Most of what's in there is junk, but there's this old safe that even Easy Pete wasn't able to crack with dynamite. If you want to take a shot at it, take these."
    (Sunny Smiles' dialogue)