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This is a transcript for dialogue with Sunny.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
2 00537000 005385BB Unfortunately, Sunny can no longer dispense death as a remedy for life. death emphasized ...serenly?


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
5 004299D1 004299DA More garbage for resale.
6 004299DB You cannot leave this here, it has no value!
32 004299D2 004299FB Excellent. This is good for business.
34 004299FD Buy garbage. Make garbage into garment. Sell garment. Repeat.
35 004299FE Sunny is no longer allowed to charge an arm and a leg. Disgraceful.
36 004299FF Commencing inventory review. Garbage. Garbage. Hmm ... Garbage.
37 00429A01 Sunny's stocks RadAway. It is not on sale. It is just available.
38 00429A02 Sunny no longer wants these items. Buy them. Immediately!
39 00429A03 Treat yourself by treating Sunny to a sale.
40 00429A04 Perhaps these items are not valuable. What is value? Does Sunny have value?
41 00429A05 Must accumulate garbage for resale. Stocks are insufficient for ongoing commerce.
42 00429A07 Excellent. Rain is good for business. Drink warmed water with leaves in it.
43 00429A08 We no longer stock water ice. Water is not also ice. Do not ask for water ice at Sunny's.
44 00429A09 Sandwiches, subs, grinders, and hoagies are the same thing at Sunny's. They are all ravoli.
45 00429A0A Sunny's provides meager sustenance for a meager price.
46 00429A0B Oh no. Oh. Oh no. I have ruined it. It is ruined... No, it is on sale!
71 004299D3 00429A3E Shop at Sunny's. We have what you need.
72 00429A3F You need this upgrade. Your hardware isn't compatible, but you need it.
73 00429A40 Sunny's no longer accept live children as barter. Thank you for your patience.
74 00429A41 Protect your flesh. Damage the flesh of others. Shop at Sunny's.
75 00429A42 Trade with Sunny. Sunny has what you need.
76 00429A44 Sunny has what you need. Deal with Sunny.
77 00429A45 You are missing out. You should fear it. Shop at Sunny's.
78 00429A46 Build a lair out of garbage. Garbage from Sunny's.
79 00429A47 Satisfaction with Sunny is guaranteed.
80 00429A48 We all know who your favorite Sunny is. You don't have to say it.
81 00429A4A Sunny has what you need. This Sunny. That Sunny. The other, less reputable Sunny.
82 00429A4B High quality meat here. Meat that is no longer screaming. Meat that can not look at you.
83 00429A4C Sunny specializes in edible rubbish for edible patrons. Eat Sunny's.
84 00429A4D Shop at Sunny's, where secrets are no longer required for service.
85 00429A4E You need it to live, so buy it and eat it. Sunny's.
94 005554EA There is only one Sunny. All other Sunny's are imposters.
176 0058EC9D 0058FE09 Welcome to Foundation. Keep your weapons holstered and treat everyone like they were your best friend.
182 0059EEB7 Sunny has fresh food, but Sunny prefers customers eat oldest food first.
183 0059EEB8 If you find a bolt or screw in your food, please return it to Sunny.
184 0059EEBA Sunny has everything you need. If Sunny doesn't have it, you didn't need it.
185 0059EEBB Shop with Sunny first. Before those other Sunnys. Their products are inferior.
186 0059EEBC Everything will go on sale tomorrow, so be sure to buy today at the higher price.
187 0059EEBE Sunny sells what you need to kill your enemies. Or your friends. Sunny doesn't really care.
188 0059EEBF Don't buy food or junk from those other Sunnys. Buy guns from the real Sunny. With a gun you can get food or junk.
189 0059EEC0 Sunny has a no returns policy on used bullets.
190 0059F2B5 Appalachia's a strange place. So much land... good land.
208 00593D2C 0059EDE7 Goodbye, and don't forget to shop at Sunny's.
209 0059EDE8 A while ago Sunny heard that there were problems at the Tygart Water Treatment Plant.
210 0059EDE9 The Giant Teapot always seems to need repairs. At least that's what Sunny has heard.
211 0059EDEA Ever been to the Red Rocket Mega Stop? Sunny heard that robots there have problems.
212 0059EDEB Did you hear about the fun you can have at Camden Park. Neither did Sunny. Wink, wink. Actually say the words "wink, wink"
213 0059EDEC Other travelers talk about Monongah. It's a town with troubles.
214 0059EDED Sunny has heard that the Pumpkin House needs help. Sunny doesn't understand how a house could ask for help though.
215 0059EDEE Travelers have reported strange posters around Lewisburg. Maybe Sunny should put up a poster.
216 0059EEB6 Sunny is the best cook. Sunny cooks circles around those other Sunnys.
220 0059EDC7 0059EEAE Oh dear, I just found an outstanding bill of yours for one trillion caps. Perhaps you'd better settle up.
221 When Paige verifies it, I will be forced to remove you from the customer rolls until it is paid. Goodbye.
222 0059EDCE 0059EEAD Sunny does not know. Sunny does not care. Sunny powered up here in Foundation.
223 Sunny was given most important task of feeding settlers. Far more important than guns or junk.
224 0059EDCF 0059EEB2 If Sunny had a gun, Sunny would shoot you.
225 Assessing... Sunny does have a gun. Sunny will apply for permission to use it. Goodbye.
226 0059EDD0 0059EEAB They are inferior copies of the real Sunny. This Sunny.
227 0059EDD2 0059EEA8 Sunny reports to Paige. All funds are turned over to Foundation.
228 Do not attempt to steal from Sunny. Sunny is authorized to file a complaint.
229 0059EDD3 0059EEB3 Sunny stands for Simple Utility Pneumatic Networked... Networked... Networked...
230 System error. Human interface resetting. Reset complete.
231 Welcome to Sunny's.
232 0059EDD6 0059EEA7 Was there ever any doubt? My superior yet identical programming to the other Sunnys makes it obvious.
233 0059EDD7 0059EEB5 There is only one real Sunny. This Sunny. All others are imposters with identical programming.
234 0059EDDA 0059EEA9 General Sunny is full of corrupted code and rusty actuators.
235 You need to get your software checked. Goodbye.
236 0059EDDC 0059EEAF Sunny hopes not. Sunny does not need more inferior copies of itself. Two is two too many.
237 0059EDDF 0059EEAC Thank you for stating the obvious. All the most intelligent humans state the obvious.
238 0059EDE2 0059EEB1 It is good of you to acknowledge that. Any time you want some extra rust in your soup, just ask.