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The sunken church is an unmarked location in the Mire region of Appalachia in 2102. It is northeast of Haven Church.


This church was consumed into the ground by a freak sinkhole before the Great War. The site was condemned and largely abandoned, save for the occasional park ranger who would come to make sure no urban explorers were trapped in the ruins, such as cryptid hunter Scott Conroy, who fell down the hole and broke his legs. Park ranger Kevin fell into the sinkhole while he was checking for trapped persons but remained uninjured.

With both Kevin and Scott trapped with no way out, they survived for a time by subsisting off moss, the occasional bug for protein, and some muddy but relatively safe water. Scott's leg also healed, but due to the little wood available being too damp to construct a proper splint, his legs healed in maluninon, leaving Scott immobilized, save for crawling with his arms.[1]

The Great War would come and pass and both Kevin and Scott were still trapped in tunnels of the sunken church. A raider from the Gourmands by the name of Micky also fell into the pit that trapped Kevin and Scott. Micky eventually killed Kevin by choking him in his sleep and forced Scott to eat his remains.[2] Scott soon lost his mind and also killed Micky and ate his body. Scott, driven mad through sheer isolation and consuming human flesh, devolved into a wendigo. He would continue to haunt the tunnels of the sunken church waiting for anyone curious enough to search the church ready to kill and eat them.[3]

The strangler plants upheaving everything around the Mire also raised the sunken church out of the ground enough to allow easy entering and leaving of it without falling into a pit.


Entering the church through the bell tower allows for following the path to the sacrificial mound. Close by is a burial site where bank robbers had begun exhuming the coffins to bury a safe. The safe is locked with a key that can be found in Berkeley Springs.

To the south, at the high tension transmission tower, is a makeshift bunker made of train cars with minor loot and healing items. Its official name is the prepper's pylon paradise.[4] The first train car, entering downward, has a kitchen and a living room. Between the two boxcars is a washer and dryer, as well as a tub and another entrance/exit. The back car has a locked safe (Picklock 3), a large bed, and a children's area with a miniature clasroom and a bunk bed.

Notable lootEdit

  • Day 1 - Note, on the ground at the start of the tunnel beneath the church building.
  • Day 82 - Note, on the ground near some church windows in the sunken building.
  • A new day - Note, on an altar in the sunken building.
  • Random recipe - On a counter in the kitchen area of the train car bunker.


The sunken church appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wild Appalachia update.



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