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Summersville Docks is a location in the Forest region of Appalachia. It is a marina on the shores of the former Summersville Lake.


Located outside of Charleston and near Wade Airport, Summersville Docks was a favorite among local fishermen and boaters and even visiting tourists as anyone could drive up, refuel if needed, and launch their watercraft. Additional services were provided, such as bait and tackle shops, watercraft repair, and storage. Business dramatically slowed down after the Great War and quite literally dried up after the Christmas Flood of 2082 at the Summersville Dam. After the lake was emptied, it still managed to provide some shelter to various persons over the years.


Summersville Docks are located above the now-empty Summersville Lake along its former southwest shore. Several buildings are located on the dock surface and piers, and the space below the piers has been enclosed. There is an uncollectable note on the bench inside the outhouse, the Grafton Dam editorial.

A chemistry station is located in a small barn opposite the southernmost pier, distinguished by a weather vane. A tinker's workbench is located in a shack directly north of the barn. A cooking station is under the southernmost dock.

Notable loot

  • Grafton Dam editorial - Note, on the bench of an outhouse in the main area. Cannot be taken.
  • The Domestics note 2 - Note, on a small boat with two mannequins, near a green tugboat to the southeast of the area icon on the map.
  • Three potential Vault-Tec bobbleheads:
    • To the north, in the small red storage shed with a dinghy propped up against it, on a shelf inside.
    • Under the northernmost pier, by the red fishing boat.
    • To the south, in the building with racks of fish and a cooking stove, on a metal shelf.
  • Five potential magazines:
    • Inside the overturned white boat sitting half buried under the southwestern docks, on a shelf.
    • Inside the shack on the southernmost dock, on a metal shelf in the southeast corner.
    • To the southwest, in the small red storage shed with the rusty pickup outside, on the bottom shelf of a broken bookcase.
    • On the bottom of the metal shelf, end of the right side railing of the southeast boat dock, above the dry lake.
    • Inside the broken opening of the white overturned boat, by the wooden block also under the boat, half-buried at the side of the southeast boathouse, near a rusting red buoy.


Summersville Docks appears only in Fallout 76.