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The Summersville Dam is a location in the Forest region of Appalachia.


The Summersville Dam is a pre-War construct that created the Summersville Lake and provided hydroelectric power to Charleston. The residents of the city were close to having the power plant repaired before the events of the Christmas Flood destroyed it.[1][2]

After the Cutthroat Rosalynn Jeffries was captured by the Responders, her partner, David Thorpe, believing her to have perished, used a mini nuke to avenge her by destroying the dam on Christmas morning. This caused Summersville Lake to catastrophically flood Charleston, killing Rosalynn and over one thousand other survivors and Responder members in what would be known as the Christmas Flood.[3]


A group of raiders built watchtowers and a crude bridge across the gap. The bridge has a broken middle section that must be jumped across.

Notable loot

  • Charleston is ours - Note, on a table on one of the guard towers below the dam, along the scaffolding leading to the bottom.
  • Cursed - Note, on the bridge connecting the two ends of the dam, next to a dead raider.
  • The Evil Men - Note, inside of the wreckage of a green boat at the bottom of the dam.
  • The power plant - Note, on a desk next to a broken terminal in the building at the top of the dam.


The Summersville Dam appears only in Fallout 76.



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