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Summersville is a town in the Forest region of Appalachia. By 2103, the town has been taken over by the Blood Eagles.


Summersville was a small town in Appalachia, with a population of 724 on the eve of the Great War. The seat of Nicholas County, West Virginia, the town was founded in 1824 and named after Lewis Summers, a local judge. The city was once home to an annual potato festival. After the war, it became a haven for violence and raider ambushes, such as on members of the Order of Mysteries before 2102.


Before the war, it appears the town was part of the automated voting system for the upcoming election, as the town has multiple voting tents and booths. The rooftops contain multiple make-shift camps, which include a weapons workbench and an armor workbench.

The town is divided into four quarters by the roads passing through it and bounded by the hillside to the east and remnants of the reservoir to the west. There is also a fair amount of loot, a note to collect, and a cooking station to use.

The northern half of the town includes voter services tents to the west, overlooking the reservoir, right next to the church, and a graveyard in the back. A house where a VTU doctoral candidate named Aaliyah lived is located at the far northern end and contains an experimental schematic which is part of the quest Trade Secrets. The rest of this part of the town consists of run-down residential and commercial buildings with little in the way of notable loot.

The western quadrant includes an overgrown playground and an accessible laundromat and ice cream parlor, with a sniper's nest set up on top of the southeastern corner. On the opposite side of the road are a jewelry store and an apartment block on the southern end, with a steamer trunk inside. The northern end of this quarter includes a delicatessen, dry cleaning service, and another voting tent.

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Summersville appears only in Fallout 76.

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Summersville and other locations of the namesake are a reference to the real world location of Summersville, West Virginia.


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