The Sugar Grove Sigint was a signals intelligence gathering division of the United States Navy that worked primarily in West Virginia.


As a signal intelligence division, this meant monitoring communications and other outgoing signal traffic in the Appalachian area. Like intercepting communications between miners in Appalachia for seditious sentiments (such as calls for unionization and anti-automation, considered "mostly harmless),[1] complex investigations of money trails for Chinese connections,[2] and as the situation in Appalachia escalated following the increase in automation and the Free States' secession, investigating strikers for communist connections[3] and keeping tabs on the secessionists. The Free Staters were considered to be a minor problem, as long as they stayed in their bunkers.[4] All collected intelligence was documented and deposited in the facility's vast archival system.[5]


"Audi, Vide, Tace" is Latin for "see, hear, be silent," a phrase commonly associated with secrecy and spying.


Sugar Grove Sigint is mentioned only in Fallout 76.


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