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Audi, Vide, Tace. (Hear, See, Be Silent.)— Motto, Fallout 76

Sugar Grove is a location in the Savage Divide region of Appalachia in 2102.


Sugar Grove was a DIA facility with advanced research projects, sigint (signal intelligence) and cryptids divisions. It also ran infiltration and counter espionage against local unions and organized strikes, suspecting them of pro-communist activity. Many different projects were researched here, including large capacity holotapes, EMP based weaponry and brainwashing.


Approaching Sugar Grove from the south, the player character will encounter several protectrons in the parking lot, as well as an automated turret to the left. One can use the main entrance or, past the bunker to the right, access the roof of the structure by crossing one of the fallen trees from the cliff overlooking the building. The complex can be entered through a hole in the roof.

If one uses the main entrance, there are more protectrons inside. After going through the main entrance, you find a double stairway, which leads to a hallway, which is occasionally guarded by an assaultron. At the end of this hallway is a computer-controlled doorway, but the doorway is unlocked. Through this door is another hallway, and then a large room cluttered with broken computers and other office equipment. At the end of the hallway on the other side of this room is a stairway leading down a level. At the end of this stairway, to the left, is another hallway, leading up to the advanced design terminal on which the program is stored, guarded by a Major Gutsy and a Mr. Handy.

The back door leads to the underground part of the complex where project Somnus was developed. There are several locked cells and a room with three chairs in front of televisions. This room was the centrepiece of project Somnus, serving for human re-programming. A small laboratory is attached to this room through a hole in the wall.

Notable lootEdit

  • Blank holotapes - Coming down from the stairs from the facility's entrance into the lower part of the facility, go straight through the first door and make a left. Go up the stairs into the room on the right. The blank holotapes are scattered around a desk in the back of that room.
  • I'm watching you - Note, on a desk in the same room as the blank holotapes.
  • Cryptid sighting: Grafton monster 9/27 - Holotape, found on a desk in the main room with the large screens near one of the terminals in the second row.
  • Cryptid sighting: Snallygaster 10/4 - Holotape, found on the same desk.
  • Cryptid sighting: Wendigo 10/25 - Holotape, found on the same desk.
  • Charleston Herald Exclusive: The Motherlode - Holotape, found in the same room, near one of the terminals in the front row.
  • Project Siphon holotape - Holotape, from the analyst's terminal which is found in one of the small offices in the lower part of the main facility.
  • Blacksite guard key - In the far back left of the server room inside Sugar Grove, contained within a small overturned box on top of the servers, not to be confused with the toolbox right by the entrance. Opens the blacksite which can be entered by going through the back door at the outside part of the facility.
  • Around 40 clipboards can be found within Sugar Grove, a good source for springs. A particularly large quantity is found on a shelf in the main room with the large screens.
  • Automated call recording
  • C.H. Monthly, October - Note, under a counter at the front reception desk area on the left side.
  • Random plans:
    • On a cabinet behind the armor workbench.
    • On the roof, on the staircase to the landing pad, on the second step to the left.
  • Many pencils among the desks, including ten lined up on a metal shelf at the defcon room of the facility.


  • Cell key A6-KH, 89-AX, B2-RS and V5-XF - These keys open various cell doors located within the Blacksite - Enter the door into the Blacksite from the rear of the exterior part of the facility and go downstairs to the room with TVs. B2-RS will be on a metal bookshelf just on the other side of a hole in the wall. Continue through the hole to the next room and the remaining keys will be on a metal table to your left. There's another key, W9-FZ, in Huntersville.
  • Random magazine - At the second interrogation chair room, underneath a small table.


Sugar Grove appears only in Fallout 76.

Behind the scenesEdit

Sugar Grove is based on Sugar Grove Station, a National Security Agency communications site outside the community of Sugar Grove, West Virginia.

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