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Sugar Bombs is a consumable item in Fallout 76.


A pack of sugary cereal that holds 100% of the recommended daily amount of sugar, Sugar Bombs have been preserved for 25 years after the Great War. However, this also caused a bit of radiation to slip in for most of them. There is a rarer, pre-War version with a cleaner look that lacks radiation, though it cannot be used in crafting recipes that require Sugar Bombs.


  • Beckley - Two can spawn in Sal's Grinders' kitchen.
  • Flatwoods - One to three can spawn in the church's steeple. One also spawns on top of the Red Rocket near Flatwoods. Marsupial Mutation needed to reach.
  • Mosstown - Five can be found in a lone house on the west side of the town (southeast of the fissure site), in a bathtub.
  • Pleasant Hills Cemetery - Can spawn inside the mausoleum.
  • Red Rocket (Sutton) - On one of the shelves.
  • Sons of Dane compound - Can spawn on a rectangular crate to the left of the armor workbench outside the Buck's Den Beer Hall.
  • The non-irradiated version of Sugar Bombs can be produced at the food packaging factory at the Sunshine Meadows industrial farm.


The non-irradiated version of Sugar Bombs cannot be used in the Pioneer Scouts Tadpole cooking challenges, nor in any cooking recipes.