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Sugar Bombs are a consumable and a quest item in Fallout 3.


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Sugar Bombs is a pre-War breakfast cereal. Numerous promotional posters can be found posted on walls around the wasteland, touting the Sugar Bombs' "explosive great taste!" and containing a "free Captain Cosmos decoder ring."

In Fallout 3, Sugar Bombs are mildly useful food items found throughout the Capital Wasteland, which provide only a small amount of health when consumed. Compared to other food items, Sugar Bombs are somewhat rare, something which factors into the unmarked quest Murphy's Bombing Run.

Murphy's Bombing Run

Main article: Murphy's Bombing Run

In Fallout 3, Sugar Bombs can be traded to a ghoul named Murphy in Northwest Seneca Station for use in crafting ultrajet. He will pay you 15 caps for each box of Sugar Bombs that you bring him, and an extra 15 (for a total of 30 caps) with a Speech check. For each 8 boxes of Sugar Bombs brought to him, Murphy will also sell the player one ultrajet.


Apart from appearing randomly in refrigerators and similar containers, there are numerous fixed locations where Sugar Bombs are certain to appear:

Map Location Description
Arlington Library 1 box in Children's Wing, in the Eat'o'tronic 3000.
Bethesda ruins 1 box in Bethesda offices east, second floor, on top of desk on west wall.
Broadcast tower KT8 1 box in the drainage chamber, through door in East wall, to east wall on bottom of 2nd shelving unit.
Calvert Mansion Point Lookout (add-on) Four or so in Desmond's panic room.
Citadel 1 box in A-ring, The Den (Lyon's Pride's quarters) on the table in the middle of the dining room.

6 boxes in Laboratory, mess hall (western-most room):

  • 4 boxes on shelf north of doorway.
  • 1 box on table in northwest corner.
  • 1 box on table in southwest corner.
Chryslus Building 2 boxes:
Cryo lab Mothership Zeta (add-on) 1 box on lower level of room full of stasis pods, southeast corner, lower shelf.
Everglow National Campground 11 boxes in the North-west trailer.
Fairfax Metro station 1 box in the Eat'o'tronic 3000, just inside the station entrance.
Grower's shack Point Lookout (add-on) 1 box on the table, and 2 on the shelf
Jury Street Metro 8 boxes in Gold Ribbon Grocers, part of a Rube Goldberg machine.
Little Lamplight 1 box in shed to the south of entrance, enter and turn west, look up
1 box in Souvenir Shop, on south bed, on floor.
Mama Dolce's 11 or more can be found here. Four confirmed in Food Distribution.
MDPL-13 power station 3 boxes in the derelict power plant:
  • 2 boxes in the Eat'o'tronic 3000 on the north wall, just West of the double door entry
  • 1 box on floor below the Eat'o'tronic 3000
Megaton 5 boxes, all but the one in the common house will yield negative Karma:
Museum of History 7 boxes in Underworld, all of which will yield negative Karma:
  • 5 boxes in Underworld Outfitters:
  • 3 boxes, north wall, bottom of shelves.
  • 2 boxes, east wall, top shelf behind combat helmets.
  • 2 boxes in Carol's Place:
  • 1 box on table northwest of entrance.
  • 1 box on desk on west wall, beside bed in northwest corner.
My Megaton house 7 boxes with pre-War theme
2 boxes with Vault theme.
1 box with Raider theme.
1 box with Wasteland explorer theme.
Northwest Seneca Station Inside the Cornucopia Fresh Groceries:
  • 2 boxes directly north of the entrance on the floor
  • 2 boxes under counter next to cash register in the southeast corner
Old Olney underground Broken Steel 1 box on the end of a counter, southwest of the entrance from Olney sewers
1 box in the 2nd Eat'o'tronic 3000 south of the 2 Nuka-Cola vending machines on the east wall of the 2nd floor of the office building in the cafeteria.
Rivet City 4 boxes, all of which will yield negative Karma:
  • 3 boxes in Belle Bonny's room:
  • 2 boxes just inside the door on the top shelf
  • 1 box behind the door, on the floor
  • 1 box in the marketplace, on a table
Rockland car tunnel Broken Steel 2 boxes:
  • 1 box in 2nd room after entering, northwest inside a doorless gun cabinet.
  • 1 box in main room, near the east wall, under a table near 3 gun cabinets.
Satcom Array NN-03d There is a box in the first room of Tower C.
Sewer waystation There is 1 in the Eat'o'tronic 3000.
Signal Yankee Bravo In the drainage chamber, right doorway, 1 box on lowest shelf left of ham radio.
Takoma Park There are three boxes in front of Cornucopia Fresh Groceries.
Temple of the Union Two boxes in the storeroom (Average lock). They must be stolen.
Tenpenny Tower 9 boxes, all of which will yield negative Karma:
  • 3 boxes in Boutique Le Chic on a shelf in north corner, face north.
  • 3 boxes Lydia Montenegro's suite, 1 in the alcove across from the door, face east, 2 on the shelf, to the north of the alcove, face east.
  • 1 box in Café Beau Monde on top of the oven, face north.
  • 1 box in Herbert Dashwood's suite, bottom shelf just as you enter, face west.
  • 1 box in Michael Hawthorne's suite, on pedestal between 2 wardrobes, face east.
Tenpenny Tower suite 4 boxes with Vault theme
3 boxes with Pre-War theme
2 boxes with Wasteland explorer theme
VAPL-66 power station 1 box behind burned out terminal, north-northwest of the door.
Vault 92 1 box in the fallen silo, in a raider farmhouse west of the vault.


Sugar Bombs are available for purchase from the following vendors, in varying quantities:


There are fewer than 100 boxes in the game, not including those that can be obtained by purchasing certain housing themes and bought from food merchants.