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There was a time where every city had their own icegangs and thousands would show up to watch them all duke it out in giant arenas.Goalie Ledoux

Sudden-Death Overtime is a minor faction in the Capital Wasteland in 2277.


Sudden Death Overtime is a gang who wants to bring the ice hockey mania back to America (though referring to them as "ice gangs" and believing the point of the sport is to fight). Goalie Ledoux refers in his speech to ice hockey terms like "have a face-off" or "cross sticks one day."


There are four known members of the team/gang:


  • Sudden-Death Overtime does not have nearly enough players to make an entire hockey team. Goalie Ledoux makes note of this after learning that one of his members, Winger Mercier, has died. Even when he was alive, the gang/team lacked two defensemen.
    • Also, Goalie Ledoux being the leader also would not be allowed in a hockey game, as Goaltenders are forbidden from being team captains.
  • The gang spawns in front of the Red Racer factory only if the Nuka-Cola Clear formula has been obtained from the Nuka-Cola plant before finishing the The Nuka-Cola Challenge. Finishing the quest will cause the gang to not spawn.
  • After the player character sells them the Nuka-Cola Clear formula, Centre Dubois and Winger Gervais will run over to the Nuka-Cola plant, where they remain inside the front lobby for the rest of the game. Goalie Ledoux remains where he is in front of the Red Racer factory.


Sudden Death Overtime appears only in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes

All of the members names are parodies of famous Canadian hockey players. (Ledoux instead of Lemieux, Mercier instead of Messier, etc.)