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The subway train was a vehicle used for transportation by the public under the busy streets of Boston, as a more efficient way to travel around before the Great War.


Part of the MTA system, subway trains are an all-metal, streamlined train that is usually made up of four carriages, including a locomotive/passenger carriage on the front and back, and two passenger carriages in the middle. The carriages are linked by an accordion joint, making movement between carriages in transit possible. Each carriage has an exit on both sides, and the locomotive has an emergency exit in the cockpit located at the extreme nose.

These are sometimes found open or even broken out, with one actually being functional (Nuka-World transit center). The cockpit has a simple control console and chair for the operator to sit. The subway trains all bear the yellow and silver Boston Metro paint scheme. The subway also operated above ground with a track suspended under the highway.


  • Subway trains can be found in almost every subway station.
  • A passenger carriage can be found at the Hub City Auto Wreckers yard. The carriage can easily be mistaken for a plane wreck as the train bears a resemblance to an airplane fuselage.
  • One suspended monorail can be found partly detached from its track next to Quincy under the highway. It also contains two laser trip wires and a missile launcher trap in the front carriage.
  • Another suspended monorail can be found crashed into the building under the Garden terrace.
  • A monorail inhabited by mirelurks can be found south of ArcJet Systems.
  • A monorail can be found at Medical Center North station, accessible through the Mass Bay Medical Center.
  • Nuka-World (add-on) The Nuka-Express, a subway train with a Nuka-Cola paint job, can be found in the Nuka-World transit center and Nuka-station. This train provides functional access to Nuka-World (location).