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Subject K-117M interview is a holotape in Fallout 76.


The tape can be found at the West Tek research center, on a cart in the autopsy room, behind a Picklock level 2 door in the research wing.


Technician Stone: Okay, K-117M. In your own words, please describe how you feel.

Subject K-117M: I... feel different... like my mind is not my own...

Technician Stone: Do you remember who you were?

Subject K-117M: Yes, I was... Billy Seevers... a man living in... in...

Technician Stone: You don't remember where you're from?

Subject K-117M: No... I... what's happening to me? Can you... make me better?

Technician Stone: I'm asking the questions, K-117M. If you're patient, I'll help you. Okay?

Subject K-117M: Yes, I... understand.

Technician Stone: Good, good. You're doing really well, K-117M. Now, one more question. If we asked you to help us, would you do exactly as we command?

Subject K-117M: Yes... anything. I just want to... go home... home... wife? Where's my wife!?

Technician Stone: Uh, she's fine K-117M. Calm down please.

Subject K-117M: No! What have you done to my motherIn-game spelling?! Bring her to me, now! I'll kill all of you!

Technician Stone: Code red in Interrogation Room B, I repeat, code red!


In the second last line, spoken by Subject K-117M, the game's files transcript refers to "mother". However, the audio says "sister".