Subject 12 debrief is a holodisk in Fallout 4. It is the second of a series of three holotapes describing interrogations performed by Doctor Patricia Montgomery to reveal hidden synths.




Doctor Patricia: Confidence on Subject 12 is high. We'll know for certain post mortem.
Dr. Roslyn Chambers: And any progress on Question 3?
Doctor Patricia: None. The EKG shows nothing unexpected. The answers are too damned predicatable.
Dr. Roslyn Chambers: You've made your opinions quite clear on the value of Question 3. Removing it could invalidate all the data we've accumulated to date. Moving on. Question 4. The data on this is fascinating. Why does baseball have the highest degree of correlation? Even more than question 8.
Doctor Patricia: Our metholodology was exhaustive. Subject 12's answers in regards to baseball and his childhood were particularly fascinating. See here. And here.
Dr. Roslyn Chambers: I wonder. Do they play baseball in the Institute? Or is there some sort of defect in their programming?
Doctor Patricia: We need another failure to explore this further. We can do nothing more with Subject 12 except final processing.
Dr. Roslyn Chambers: I'll let the reclamation team know.

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