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Stumpy is a recruit in Fallout Tactics and multiplayer character in Fallout Tactics multiplayer, where he can be recruited for 1835 game points.


Base game

Small guns, melee attacks, and traps. What more could you ask?


The Brotherhood training for a trapper is very harsh. Most don't live, and those that do tend to end up short of a few limbs. Stumpy only lost a few fingers, but it meant that he has had to neglect his training in small arms. But he is still bloody good at spotting traps, and can beat someone's head in with relative ease.

Interaction with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character is a recruit. Availability: When becoming a Senior Squire.
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This character appears in the following locations.

Bunker Beta, Bunker Gamma, Bunker Delta, Bunker Epsilon


Apparel Weapon Other items
Midwestern Brotherhood leather armor


Stumpy becomes available after the Warrior reached the rank of Senior Squire.


Stumpy appears only in Fallout Tactics.