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Stuck is a holotape in Fallout 76.


Different holotapes with the same name can be found in multiple locations:

  • One tape can be found in Morgantown on the roof of the building building across the street, to the north, from the building where the event quest Back on the Beat is started. The roof can be accessed by jumping from the monorail tracks.
  • One tape can be found in the AMS corporate headquarters. It is on a counter to the left after exiting the elevator to the third floor.



Victor: I feel like I'm losing my mind. I can't leave this roof or I'll die. Alisha has stopped talking to me. I have nothing to do but obsess over my work. *laughs* How is that even remotely sane? I'm cataloguing constellations and the world has ended. I have officially lost it. I know I have, because lately I've been resisting the temptation to go down to street level. There's roving bands of murderous kids. People who I used to help cheat on their exams, can you believe it? I got them an A- and now they want to beat me to death with a wrench for a bag of chips. I wish I wasn't on this nightmare planet. I wish I was somewhere else, somewhere out there in the stars.

AMS corporate headquarters

Michael: Stuck. Again. Carmen thinks I should document when this happens so we can sue the company. I don't know about all that, it's not really their fault, but there's not all that much to do while I'm in here, so here goes. It wasn't easy reaching the recorder, but I think I got it turned on. At least this time I'm in a section you can see from the hallway, so I shouldn't have to wait long. What luck there's -

Male even-toned: <Muffled sounds of banging on the other side of glass> Michael?! Not again. You okay in there?!

Michael: Yeah! I mean - it's getting a little hot in here - but yeah, I guess I'm okay! *sigh* So embarrassing...

Male even-toned: What's that buddy? Didn't hear you!

Michael: Nothing! Forget it!

Female even-toned: I'm calling maintenance right now. Hang in there, Michael!

Michael: <Sound of rushing air and a small pneumatic "ca-thunk"> Great. There goes another hair piece.