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Strictly Profitable is an unmarked and repeatable quest in Fallout 3.

Quick walkthrough

Unmarked Quest: Strictly Profitable
Talk to Grouse and acquire the Mesmetron.
Fire the Mesmetron at an NPC to stun them.
Talk to them and put the slave collar on their neck.
Tell them to go to Paradise Falls.
Return to Grouse.
Reward: 250 Caps

Detailed walkthrough

After receiving the Mesmetron from Grouse in Paradise Falls, one has the option of enslaving non-player characters other than the four VIPs required to complete the quest Strictly Business. For every slave that is captured and sent back to Paradise Falls, Grouse will pay out 250 caps, and will hand over a new slave collar to continue the "recruiting." He also sells Mesmetron power cells at the steep price of 200 caps per 10 rounds. It's possible to offset the high price if all 50 rounds he initially gives out are carefully utilized since he also pays out caps for turning in the VIPs.


Enslavable non-player characters

A list of known non-player characters that can be enslaved with the Mesmetron. This may not be all of them. Enslaving a Tenpenny Tower security guard prevents the feral ghoul invasion from ever ending, due to a glitch where the ghouls seek and never find the enslaved (removed from the game) guard.


  • With the exception of the four targets from the Strictly Business quest, any NPC enslaved will disappear from the game permanently after reaching Paradise Falls.
  • Not every non-player character can be enslaved using the Mesmetron; only pre-determined NPCs selected by the G.E.C.K.
  • Fast traveling to Paradise Falls after enslaving an NPC ensures instantaneous payment.
  • While all other Megaton settlers can be successfully mesmerized, the ones that seem to permanently inhabit Moriarty's Saloon cannot.
  • While non-player characters are in a mezzed state, they cannot be mezzed again.